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By: lorimay
Kim Lake Hair
If you are looking for an Artist who has the innate ability to match your extensions perfectly with your hair, creating a near flawless natural look, you have found her in KIM LAKE HAIR. I have had hair work performed in places all over the globe, and aside from not finding the custom quality and durability of extension work that Kim offerers, nearly EVERY artist i have come into contact with has complimented her work. There are periods of time where i have pushed my appointments to 6 months (not recommended) due to schedule issues and i can personally state that i have not even lost ONE adhesion....Kim clearly instructs one how to maintain and care for her work, so as to the above commentary of loosing extensions, i simply cannot understand this unless someone intentionally applied an adhesive/bond solvent and tried to remove them themselves, or is simply a neurotic picker (which can happen if your not used to them)..this loss is simply NOT possible with the glue Kim uses. Myself, i have had color touch ups in-between and STILL did not lose one extension, which entails harsh chemicals on the adhesive! As for the hair itself....no its not cheap . Good hair is not cheap...PERIOD. i buy Russian hair direct and it is VERY expensive and has NOTHING to do with Ms. Lake. As to the above review, i see someone wanting her to create a haute couture head on a WAl-Mart grooming budget. ~The outcome was predetermined. Quite frankly she should never have been in Kim's Chair, but being the nice and kind person that she is, Kim will try to accommodate nearly everyone and unfortunately at times to her own sacrifice. Perhaps it is KIM that needs to be a bit more selective as to her clientele (?)..... In short, i am a 5+ year hair extension client . I am able to offer a fair review. I would not trust my hair extensions to anyone else but Ms Lake unless forced due to time schedule. I hope this review assists you in make the right decision with you hair.
By: vict0rialee
North Shore Hair Studio
You are irrelevant. I was a long time stylist and manager at Northshore hair studio and I'm all for constructive criticism but I know exactly who you and your mother are and what you had to say on your review was complete crock. Your mother came in asking for a root touch up. Not a foil. Meaning it was to cover her grays with her base color. She came back saying it was not blonde and demanded it blonde. We can do blonde but the price between the price of a color root touch up and foil varies. She did not want to pay for it. We do great service here at Northshore and value our clients greatly. I can say this now because I am no longer with the company. Your mother was a pain in the a$$. Helen was nice enough to work with her. And for people who are reading this! Her mother is not blind. She may need thick glasses. But definitely not blind. Good luck finding another salon who will have someone as patient and talented as Hien to put up with your sh**
By: jozette.anderson
Kim Lake Hair
Kim Lake is an exceptional hair extension artist. Not only can she do beautiful custom blends she is very delicate with your hair, and has many years experience. She is very knowledgeable about her expertise. I was nervous at first about making the right choice on who would do my hair extensions, but I can honestly say I am so incredibly happy I chose Kim! Her work is phenomenal, the environment of her salon is relaxing; I would highly recommend Kim Lake, she will help find the perfect extensions for you!
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By: Alex C.
Bryson Speer Salon
Such an awesome salon. I see Bryson who is the owner and feel so comfortable letting him cut and color my hair. I only trust him, I actually drive all the way from up north just to see him. If your looking for a new salon definitely go see Bryson, you will be happy you did!
By: jaime.l.mccandies
Salon Dozier
Book your appointment at Salon Dozier with Tamara! I guarantee you will enjoy your experience. The salon is very relaxing and you will definitely notice a difference in your hair. Tamara will ensure you leave her chair feeling great about yourself.
By: leannesteenson
Kim Lake Hair
Thanks Kim! So glad I went with Kim I've had bad extension before and the quality of Kim's work is amazing!! My hair looks amazing and people compliment ,e all the time! Thanks again Kim Lake! I will be back and recommending you to everyone.
By: thaole92
North Shore Hair Studio
Best place in Federal way for you to get a perfect haircut. Very nice and professional people there. Men haircuts always $11.00 for Monday and Tuesday. Just me, once you have your hair done here, you will come back!!!
By: cassandra.scholl.9
Kim Lake Hair
I absolutely love my hair! I feel so much more feminine and beautiful every day:) Even though it was a very long process Kim made me feel comfortable and I enjoyed showing off my beautiful hair to everyone.
By: micamarie
Certified Styles
i been going to certified styles since 2008 and i will not go any where besides here best price best styles and great stylist dont trust me then check it out for yourself.true customer
By: Grace M.
Pep Boys 1474
Alan answered all my questions and got to work on my car promptly. Excellent customer service. I would recommend coming to this location.
Tips & Advices
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