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  • WHY???

    The Roadhouse WAS great!!! Best baby backs and tri-tips around!!! Can't believe they're closing.

    Hopefully open in the mall or somewhere more centrally located since I heard they weren't getting a lot of business...It wasn't because of bad food!!! Sorry to see them close.

  • Good customer service....Everett location too!

    My family and I have been frequenting the Federal Way and Everett locations a couple times a month for the last few months. (Everett: 11804 Evergreen Wy). Relaxed, friendly staff. They have been very accommodating to requests, and fixing any issues with the meals. Being a relatively new restaurant, I think both locations are still working out their kinks, but they will get there soon. This review is a combination of several visits to both locations....

    Burgers experience: Tastes just like a backyard BBQ! We didn't realize they came without condiments until halfway through eating the burgers. We shrugged it off and said to ourselves that must be a great juicy burger!

    Salmon experience: Waitress forgot to put the whole order in. When the potatoes and salad came but no fish, I asked and she immediately apologized, got the order in right away. And they comped my meal! Unfortunately, the fish did not taste good...too ""fishy"" I was grateful it was free! We put it in a salmon ball recipe the next day, so it still got used. :)

    Tri-Tip experience...1st time at the Federal Way location, Mother in law and Father in law RAVED about it. They said it was perfect! 2nd experience at the Everett location, Mother in law and Sister in law ordered Tri-Tip...both orders came tough and chewy. However, with their ""Grill Master's Guarantee"" they comped both of the meals and brought out much better cuts of meat and they were cooked to their liking.

    Nutritional Info request: The hostess at Everett was very willing to get the nutritional info for me...when she couldn't find their copy; she printed it from the website and brought it to me.

    Some might wonder why we keep going back with all the mistakes, but they have ""made it right"" each time. The great food and change of atmosphere from the other restaurants are worth trying it out. Plus, they will likely be very customer service oriented!

  • Very dissapointed

    I was told this would be a great restaurant with delicious steak. When we were first seated, our waitress did a great job getting our drinks. But the service went downhill from there. We ordered the salmon rolls, which were quite delicious, and the bread was good too. And then we waited, and waited, and waited for our entrees. My DH asked for a refill on his soda. The waitress was quick to get it but stopped on her way back to stop and chat with friends (other employees), so we sat there watching her talk for a few minutes while she held his soda in her hands. Once we got our food, it wasn't very hot and it tasted like it had been under the heat lamps for too long. Overall, I was very dissapointed in the service, attention to detail and amount of time it took to get our food. We paid as much as Outback for our meal, and personally, I would rather go to Outback than this place.

  • Good food and peanuts on the floor

    The Roadhouse Grill is designed to be welcoming and casual, with bowls just inside the door to scoop up some peanuts to snack on while waiting for dinner. It's one of those places where you're supposed to throw the peanut shells on the floor, which I've never quite understood, but I go along with the program when I'm there. They have a good selection of "down home" type food, and it's surprisingly good (except for a strange little salad I had there once). Country music plays at a volume which is louder than what you'd hear at a typical restaurant, contributing to the "road house" atmosphere. It's a bit cheesy and somewhere between expensive and inexpensive, but the good food is reason to go there.

  • Just Another Chain

    I might give them a break as they had only been open a couple weeks when we visited, however, I don't think I will go back.

    The service was horrible - maybe typical ""service"" from 18-year olds, I guess. There is no bar, which is a shame as the best they have to offer are the apps. My tri-tip was cold (judging by the length of time it took to get it, I assume it was sitting there ready while our waitress talked to her friends). My wife's salad was marginally better. Once our food arrived, the next time we saw our server was when she came with the bill.

    They had Manny's Pale Ale and Black Butte Porter on tap - that's better than most places in Federal way, so I guess that is a plus.

    All in all, it is just another non-exciting chain establishment in Federal Way. It might be worth a try, but I would rather spend my money at a family-run joint.

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