By: shannon.shuvonni.3
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
I go to this olive garden all of the time. I love the food there. I recently tried the ravioli de portobello. I loved it. I got it again last week and everything was great except the ravioli's filling. The filling usually is minced mushrooms and onion in a creamy filling. The past 2 times I have ordered it it was big chunks of mushroom and the chunks were not even cooked all of the way. It was gross. I called the restaurant tonight before I ordered it for first time since then. I told the manager the problem. She told me that they get the ravioli frozen already made and that there was nothing she could do. In my opinion if costumers are telling you that your product sucks you fix it or tell some one who can.I still ordered them hoping that they were better this time. They were not. I do not want to go there anymore until they fix it and I would not recommend that you go and order this until they do.
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By: subetai
Los Mariachis
Another one of Fayetteville, Ga's hidden gems. Los Mariachis is WAY better than the overly-popular La Parilla. The food is excellent, in taste and presentation. The service is extraordinary. Everyone, and I mean everyone, who worked at the restaraunt thanked my family for eating at their restaraunt. Our waiter, Richard, was perfect. He made sure we had all that we need and checked on us throughout the meal but without hovering. I feel like it is really hard to find a good Mexican restaraunt in the Fayetteville area, that is until I tried Los Mariachis. It's a little off the beaten path but definitely worth the visit.
By: A N.
Sabor A Mexico Mexican Restaurant
Closest thing possible to authentic Mexican cuisine! I have no complaints about this place, everything is always cooked right and full of flavor. It's fairly priced too! I usually order over the phone on my lunch, I'm about a 10 minute drive and I've never had to wait on my order. They are even courteous enough to call you back if they don't have something. Best mexican cuisine in Fayetteville!
By: franz71
Twisted Taco Fayetteville
I am so glad the restaurant finally opened. What a great addition to Fayetteville! I have tried quite a few of the menu items and I haven't found one I don't like. My favorite is a tie between the Alamo fish taco or The Monterey Chicken taco. So many choices to try. The music is a bit loud later in the evening but during family dining hours I can see bringing my family often.
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By: yuliya.gutierrez
Sabor A Mexico Mexican Restaurant
I loved it, and so did my husband, and he know all about authentic Mexican food. I ordered beef tacos, and they were awesome, I never knew how good homemade tortillas are! The tacos came with a cup of sous so spicy that even my husband couldn't handle. The place is new, so they have to work out some kincks, other than that, I Can't wait to visit them again!
By: Shanti R.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Quick lunch at Olive Garden. I grabbed the Eggplant Breadstick sandwich as the vegetarian options are limited to mostly pasta dishes. The sandwich was delicious and the service was impeccable.
By: Neil B.
El Reposo
Rosa, the owner does a fantastic job on all her dishes, Great Bar also. Check out the patio when the weather is good. Sometimes fresh tamales,made the Guatamala way are also available
By: Lenell W.
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
Wow! I've been eating here for years. I'm thoroughly empressed with the management and staff! They have made some changes for the better.
By: Erick M.
Los Mariachis
Awesome food and great service at average prices

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