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By: mizizriggins
Alter Ego
My husband booked my first appointment with Diane for my birthday several years ago. My hair was in bad shape, it was very thin and extremely damaged. I'm only 25 and it had started falling out. I told Diane that I was trying to grow it out, but I knew it needed a trim. I asked her not to trim anymore than she absolutely had to. When she was done, my hair actually looked and felt LONGER and much much healthier!! Since then she has nursed my hair back to health it is now grown past my shoulders and it is much thicker and it shines. A lot of stylists don't listen to what you want, and instead do what they think would look best. Not her. She is literally the ONLY person I will ever let touch my hair again. I don't know how she does it, but she performs hair miracles!!! If you are at all picky or paranoid about your hair you can trust DIANE to get it right!!
By: jennifer.t.gladden
Solange Salon
I love Sandy at Salonge!! She is the ONLY stylist in my life I have gone back to more than once (I am almost 40). I have been having her do my hair for 5 years. One time, when I had just starting see her, I loved my hair after she cut it and styled it, but could not recreate the look myself. I called her to ask for styling tips, she asked me to come back in and ended up re-cutting my hair to make it so that I could style it correctly (I tuck my hair behind my ears and that was messing up the original cut when I styled it). Not only was she lovely as always, but she refused to let me pay, even though she spent as much time the second time as she did the first.
By: whitney.smith.92775
The Olive Tree Salon
Wonderful stylist, very reasonable price, great experience! Sierra keeps it 'real' and that's refreshing. She's well experienced in her line of work and very knowledgeable of the industry - keeping abreast of the latest trends and products. Sierra is determined to truly know her clients and build relationships through consultation and random discussions. She's focused on providing the best client-based services and that's exactly what you will experience. I have certainly found the right place! This is my second visit with Sierra at The Olive Tree Salon and I look forward to all my future visits. Thank you Sierra!
By: frenchilee
Alter Ego
I started going to Diane about 3 1/2 years when she was recommended to me for my elderly mom who has Dementia. My mom loved her, but along the way she started doing my hair and now I love her! Not only does she stay late to accommodate my hectic schedule, she takes as much time with me as I want. I am extremely picky about my haircuts, and she has never once disappointed me! She also gives me a perm a couple times a year and it turns out great. Even though I live in Bentonville and have to drive to Fayetteville to see her - I would never go anywhere else! She is worth the trip!
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By: Reilly O.
Chop Shop
I really liked my buddy Colby's haircut and I asked "who's your barber?" He took me to this place not too far from the UofA called The Chop Shop and introduced me to Mr Paul. He gave me and my girlfriend pretty awesome haircuts. The student discount for us was really nice and I thought the prices were really reasonable too. Mr Paul works with a really nice Lady named Sandy and her jokes and stories were as funny as his. Really cool place in Fayetteville you should check it out
By: crystalnrob2006
Alter Ego
Diane came into my life after my husband sold her new flooring for the salon. I came in, took out my pony tail and said do whatever you want. When I left, I couldn't stop touching my hair and taking pictures of it! NOW, not only is she the ONLY person I trust to do my hair, my eyebrows now belong to her magic hands!!! She is wonderful, personable, and completely amazing with hair!!! Ask her about the Keratin stuff, she will show you some amazing before and after photos!!!
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By: Rhonda C.
Chop Shop
I didn't expect to find a local salon open on a Sunday but they were. Since I had my grandson with me we decided to stop in. I had driven by this place for years and always wanted to go inside. What a gem! And Mr Paul is a joy! I was so pleased with my grandsons haircut I asked if he would do my hair! I had to wait a bit til he fit me and in but it was so worth the wait. He cut and highlighted my hair and I'm so happy! It's worth your time to make an appointment here!
By: diana.lowery.39
Alter Ego
Diane has been doing my hair since 2001. I don't know how I managed before I found her. I have always hated my hair, but Diane's magic has transformed my self-image. Not only does she do wonders with hair, but going to her shop is a great experience. She treats everyone with respect and friendliness. Somehow she always manages to remember what I told her, and she asks about it the next time I am there. That personal touch is what makes her such an amazing person.
By: chelsea.stegner.3
Tramps Salon and Day Spa
Tramps Salon & Spa is amazing! It is such a fun, welcoming, comfortable, & classy environment. All of the staff make extra effort to make their guests feel at home and extra special. Their scalp massages are EXTRAORDINARY! I would go there everyday just to get my hair washed and styled! The steam room & massage is amazing! I feel extra pampered every time I go in there. Needless to say, I would never go anywhere else!
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By: Olivia K.
Chop Shop
My former hair stylist had moved and I was referred very highly to Paul at The Chop Shop Salon on Township. I was most impressed with his knowledge of hair, but I was also impressed at how patiently he answered all my questions. I enjoyed our visit and felt refreshed by his honesty and the fact that his prices for salon services were reasonable and affordable. The salon is very cute and quite and relaxing. A peaceful vibe.

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