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By: xterraowner
Junk Your Car Today
The 2001 Nissan Xterra was.loaded with over 1,000 lbs. of stuff when it konked out going over the Palmdale pass. A mechanic heard it banging and smoking and pronounced it dead. "No oil." "Forget it."Online buyers liked thatthe calculation made using the bxue book value figured in a replacement engine, but even with pictures, the offers were pretty awful. Largely due to the battery being dead, was the guess. And the questions being asked seemed to ignore the ad, like they never read it?Enter Heather Frank at junkyourcartoday, where this was the first or second web page banner button that did not want a life story in exchange for a ballpark.Since there was an ad with pictures, there were just a few questions, and the offer was 50% more than the flesh and bones dismantlers were offering.The story takes another turn though, because friends who knew the car coyld not accept its imminent demise at a car auction, and this lead to some fiddling with the engine that got it closer to rehabilitating. It ran! So now, it was time to cancel the transaction?! Shopping for another offer showed.up almost the same day Heather's offer was accepted, and that is just asking for trouble, but life has stuff like that, doesn't it?Junk your car today was extremely kind, and cancelled the transaction. What more can I add?
By: kevin.milligan
Junk Your Car Today
This is my experience and the e-mail that I sent to Ms. Heather Frank:Dear Heather,I would like to take this time once again to say thank you for allthat you did for me in helping me regarding the process of selling myvehicle. Of course you knew that I was a little leery initially, butdoing business with you put a lot my reservations at ease, and Iappreciate that more than anything else. I had always heard aboutthis program but was very skeptical about the process. Not only didyou remain in constant contact with me (professionally & not nagging),you also took the time to get me the best deal for my vehicle. Now Imust say that I didn't want to part with my car, but it was time forme to move on to bigger and better things (smile). Thanks again, andshould anyone I know need the same type of service, you guys have myVOTE / referral.Sincerely,Kevin D. MilliganNote: I am in the Philadelphia area and all of my business was handled telephonically. A local Auction / Wholesale Company (Manheim) bought the car and a local tow company (Hibsman Towing) was dispatched to my residence in order to pick up my vehicle; title and check (Bank of America) were exchanged, transaction completed! That EASY!
By: alexnudel
Junk Your Car Today
I usually don't write online reviews for companies but I did want to give a quick public "THANK YOU" to the crew of JUNK YOUR CAR TODAY.I had an old 1994 Ford Pickup truck with a blown Transmission and a shot head gasket. I called a few "Junk buying" places listed on the web but no one seemed like they wanted to even spend more than 3 seconds on the phone with me before hammering me to sell them my car for their ridiculously low price quotes.My last call was to Junk Your Car Today. Asides from them offering me the best price for the car, the young lady who answered the phone was curteous, knowledgable and very witty. She got me through the whole phone question process in under 3 minutes and within 6 hours a tow truck was at my apartment complex picking up my truck. I was handed $425 cash on the spot AS PROMISED. It's a breath of fresh air to work with a reputable company such as Junk Your Car Today. I'll continue letting people I know about the excellent service this company provided me.
By: newdet
My car was stolen and completely stripped. The yard it was towed to was quite far from where I lived and was charging by the day. I called several salvage companies. looked up my car and gave me a quote on the phone instead of having someone call me back. The quote was very competitive and they arranged a visit and tow for the same day. When I went to the yard, a gentleman from a local company had a check ready and took the car without any issues. All the people I communicated with - the person who gave the quote, the person who arranged the tow, and the driver that showed up - were really professional and very sympathetic! The whole ordeal was a nightmare and this was the only thing that went really well and without surprises. My first review and I'm only writing it because they were that good.
By: stevem930
Junk Your Car Today
It was a pleasure working with Heather from Heather is a true professional and she gained my trust from the first contact. She was able to get me a terrific deal when the time came to sell my old car. But it was not only the deal, it was the professional follow up and excellent communications that set her apart from the rest. Text messages, emails, phone calls, working with the towing company and even working with a local new car dealer to help me set up a great deal on a new car. I recommend doing business with Heather and I will definitely call her next time I need this type of service. Thanks Heather!!
By: ak15111
Junk Your Car Today
Best deal in town, also fast and trustworthy! I was expecting around $2000 for a 10-yr old SUV with <100,000 miles but a failed transmission and body damage. All the local places offered <$500 but Heather offered $1000 and ultimately we settled on $1125. Best part was that she had the tow-truck at my car (free of charge of course) within 48 hr, with check in hand. It was the smoothest and fastest transaction I could have expected. Heather was very reliable and responsive to calls at all hours. I was very impressed and have been telling my friends about this incredible service.
By: Lisa W.
Junk Your Car Today
My 2001 vehicle had not been consistently driven for a few years, though the engine still started. Had some mechanical issues so could not be sold in a traditional way. I contacted multiple companies and Heather was by far the most helpful and straightforward. Car was picked up the next day since Heather and I closed the deal late in the day. The tow truck driver was also courteous and helped me remove my plates because they were still active. The pick up took about 10 minutes and we were done. Would definitely recommend this company for fast removal of a vehicle with issues.
By: redwidow
Junk Your Car Today
Donna was fantastic!! I had been calling all the local junk yards(most didn't even answer the phone with the name of the co., just a very rude"hello") and was VERY frustrated. Then I went online and found Junk your car today, Donna answered the phone and was EXTREMELY nice and helpful. She found me the best price for my car, and was very pleasant to talk to. The tow truck driver was there within 3 hours and paid exactly what Donna said he would. He was also very nice. I will definitely recommend them to my friends. Thanks Donna!! :)
By: chicagokim79
Junk Your Car Today
I am a real person in Georgia.....I had to sell my beloved 2006 Mercury Milan and I went to and I received a bunch of offers! Most of them were the same as JYCT but Heather was the best at customer service. The tow truck came when promised with check in hand! The check was good and I'm satisfied! Heather stuck with me the whole time yes she has the New York accent and she talks fast but she knows her stuff and she is a real.doll! Thanks!
By: anaisidor
Junk Your Car Today
I just want to thank you for all the help you gave me. Your service is excellent. I work for "La Razon", a Spanish newspaper of the Lehigh Valley area, and you can be sure I am going to share with the Spanish community the positive experience I had selling my car to your company, so if they need to sell their cars, they can choose your trusted company, which is going to make the process easier and fair. Thanks again.
Tips & Advices
Salvage yards will have different policies regarding warranties, but, in most instances, the parts you find will be covered. Some salvage yards will offer warranties of anywhere from 90 days to six months, and may even offer the option for extended coverage.
After you've successfully found a part or multiple components, take everything up to the clerk. Inform them of what you have and pay. Avoid lying about what you have as a way to pay less. You will potentially be banned if you're found lying. You-pick salvage yards will display the prices for categories of parts. Prices may fluctuate depending on the demand. Harder-to-find items could carry a higher price tag than a brand-new one. If you are salvaging for auto parts, you might see items that are difficult to find and be able to sell them for a profit. Doing so can offset the cost of the price you're paying for the parts you personally need.
It is in your interest to call the salvage yard before arriving to see if they sell smaller components individually, because some yards do not. Some owners choose to not sell small components for financial reasons.  If salvage lots come across a door without the handle, they will have to pay extra to get the handle and attach it to the entire assembly. It is therefore cost-effective for salvage lots to sell entire assemblies.
When rummaging through a car or walking around the lot, stay aware of your surroundings. Remember, you aren't the only visitor looking to salvage parts. Other individuals are also looking for components, and not everyone works as safely as possible. If you find a car you'd like to inspect, make sure working conditions are suitable, and if anything looks suspicious or dangerous, find a safer vehicle to tear apart.
Typical gear includes:
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • Screwdrivers
  • Hacksaw
  • Short pry bar
  • Combination wrenches
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Inch ratchet set
Keep these tools in the car:
  • Inch-drive socket set
  • Large hammer
  • Long pry bar
  • Cardboard
  • Coveralls
  • Two feet of pipe

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