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By: David L.
Straight Line Detailing
I am 100% satisfied with the work Kevin and his team did on my car. I had a relatively new 2014 Ford Focus that I unfortunately, ended up vomiting quite the amount inside my vehicle. The smell was far from fantastic and it was literally in my air vents, dash, seat belt, ceiling, center console, and door. I dropped my car off for the day with Straight Line Detailing and when I got my vehicle back it even SMELLED clean. There were NO over powering cover up scents used. During the process they said they needed to remove the driver's seat to do a sufficient job in shampooing the carpets which I was a little concerned with as I have seat warmers. Feeling the seat now I would say they had it attached better than what the dealership did because the seat actually get's much warmer than before. Saved my car from a total disaster.
Tips & Advices
To prepare a car for professional automotive detailing, get rid of any larger trash items that may be inside the vehicle's cabin. It's also a good idea to remove personal items--especially larger items like booster or car seats— from both the cabin and the trunk, since this allows the detailer to access all the vehicle's nooks and crannies more thoroughly.
Detailing frequency depends on a number of factors. Cars in climates that have harsh winters will need to be detailed more frequently, since snow and road salt increase the need for this type of care. Cars with black or dark paint might also need more frequent detailing than lighter cars, since dirt tends to be more visible on darker shades. It's recommended that all vehicles be detailed at least three times a year.
The length of time it takes for automobile detailing will depend on the overall condition of the car and the breadth of services being performed. An automobile detailing session can take anywhere from 30 minutes for a clean car getting minimal detailing services to an entire day for a heavily soiled car getting a complete detailing treatment.
Paint sealants are similar to car waxes, and they are often used when a car is being detailed. Relative to waxes, paint sealants leave a less shiny finish, but they offer a greater degree of protection.
Car waxing is the process of applying a protective coating to a car's paint. It’s often included with automobile detailing. Waxing can leave a car's sheet metal with a bright and shiny appearance. Car waxing also lengthens the life of a car's paint job by protecting it from the elements.

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