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  • Swimming in Sorrow

    Stay away!!! We were so exited to purchase a pool and made the huge mistake of going here! after the purchase they will have nothing to do with you!!We were left completely on our own.We had a ton of problems with the install, and even this year(1 year Later)we had a leak ion the liner.We finally found someone to come and fix our pool after numerous phone calls to Sunbeam. The owner even lets his voice mail pickup and never returns your calls.I know this because after much frustration I called them from their own showroom!I could see the owner(or manager whatever)standing right there but they told me he was with a customer and they will put me through to voice mail! Take your business and anyone else you know who is thinking of getting a pool somewhere else!!

  • No guarantee here!

    This company does NOT stand behind it's warranty. Our inground pool was installed at the end of July of 2007. Then, in less than five months, all of the cement in the deep end collapsed into the ground below. When it was installed, we swam for 2 months, then Sunbeam put the winter cover on in Oct. In December of 2007, 2 feet of water dissappeared overnight. I called to report it, and in less than 3 days, 6 feet of the water had run out and the winter cover fell in. Gary said that we had to wait until after winter to do anything. In April a crew came out to look for a tear or hole in the liner and found nothing. Then, a scuba diver came out and looked in the three feet of water and found nothing. Finally, Gary came out with his workers and pumped out the ground water, climbed inside to pull the liner away, and claimed to find a 1"" hole. He said that WE must've caused the hole just before the winter cover was put on, causing a slow leak and resulting in a total collapse of the cement in the deep end. After he made us file a report with our insurance, the very next day he removed all of the cement in the deep end and replaced it with pure concrete. He refused to put the liner in for us, even after our insurance company denied the claim with an engineer report proving installation error. After a letter to a Bureau that deals with Business, Gary reluctantly put the liner in, and then had his attorney send us a $10,000 bill. The really sad part is, right where the pure concrete ends, there are two new large collapses in the old cement, the same week the pool was refilled. The liner hasn't torn yet, so Gary sent us a letter saying that it's ok to swim, he's sure that the new collapse is due to the initial problem and not related to workmanship, and that he'll repair it in the fall after his season slows down. We're pretty certain that the hurried repair with no liner was to cover up the real issue before our insurance company could see it. What would you do at this point?

  • Best Company for Pools!

    I recently bought an above ground pool from this company and I am highly impressed with the speedy delivery and installation of it. I went in knowing nothing about how to maintain my pool and they have literature already made up for new pool owners! It was great! They were highly informative about all the questions that I had, and were extremely pleasant! I would recomend this company over and over again!

  • Buyer Beware!

    We bought our in-ground pool in May 2007, and from the very start, working with Sunbeam Pools has been a complete and total disaster. Due to their extremely poor installation management (72 days from start of install to swimming), and followed-up by a complete disregard for customer service, I can recommend only to run fast, very fast from this organization.

    Yesterday, Wednesday, 7/2/2008 our ten month old sand filter began spraying hundreds of gallons of pool water from a cracked side. We called Sunbeam and were told that there was nobody available to perform repairs until next Monday 7/7/2008. We were told the owner, Gary, gave all his technicians and repair staff a four day weekend. Nice, but that means nobody was on call, to take care of any problems for any customers during the biggest outdoor celebration of the year.

    So, here we are faced with the option of a July 4th celebration and pool party without an operable pool pump and filter. Sam, at Sunbeam recommended we just pour a bunch of chlorine in the pool so we could continue using it this weekend. Not an acceptable option. After half an hour of more calls to Sunbeam complaining, we finally opted to replace the filter ourselves.

    We loaded the cracked filter, wet sand and all into our pickup, drove 45 minutes to Sunbeam, where Jim helped us load a new filter and three hundred pounds of sand. Yep, helped us load, not loaded himself. After a hasty trip to Lowes for new fittings, my wife and I put everyting back together, and had our pool up and running in less than an hour.

    Sunbeam is certainly not familiar with providing customer service. Wouldn't recognize customer service if it were biting them on the behind. They're not there when you need them. Buyer beware! Take it from somebody who has experienced first-hand Sunbeam Pool's total and complete lack of respect for their customers, stay away from Sunbeam Pools - They will work hard at staying away from you, too.

  • Best Customer Service

    I recently bought an inground from this company, and I am extremely impressed with the services that this company offers. They have a knowledgeable staff and great customer service. I loved the overall outcome of my beautiful pool! They have helped me everytime that I needed assistance whether it comes from chemicals for my pool or general maintance. They are willing to help at any point, and even make house calls all within a timely matter.

  • Avoid Sunbeam-bad service over the phone!

    Tried to find a product for my above ground pool, was on hold quite a while and then when the sales associate picked up she was very rude and non-helpful! Shopped here previously for misc items and chemicals but not anymore .Beware of poor customer service over the phone!!

  • Very Good Service from Jim

    We love our pool and would like to thank Jim the salesman for his help!

  • Repairs have been made

    Had some issues with installation and customer service but Jim the salesman had all the repairs made and we would definately recommend him. Thanks Jim, we love our pool.

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