By: sportsfan995
William Ravies Real Estate
Working with Mark was a breeze!! He took care of everything and did a really great job making sure that I was happy with the listings that we were seeing. He didn't ever take us to see any home that was out of our budget or that we were not interested in. They all met our criteria to a T.
By: Corey M.
William Ravies Real Estate
Mark Markelz was amazing. He went above and beyond for us and even after he found us a house. He helped us look for a contractor, garbage services and anything else we needed help with he was able to answer all of our questions.
By: Reed M.
William Ravies Real Estate
I have known Mark for a while and I have used him in the past and he did a great job. It was nice working with him, he knows this business inside and out. He always has a lot of ideas and options as well which is nice.
By: soccerfamily222
William Ravies Real Estate
He handled all of the negotiations for us. He was really hands on and I have no complaints. He was on top of everything and we found our home and purchased it quickly, which was nice!
By: palmbeach
Laufer Real Estate
I enjoyed working with Laufer. They helped me buy my first home. They really helped me through the process which can be scarey the first time. We got it done and I love my home!
By: Luke T.
William Ravies Real Estate
Mark really took his time with us. When we were looking he took us around and showed us a lot of different properties. The experience working with him was excellent.
By: Cole J.
William Ravies Real Estate
I was happy when working with Mark that he had so many listings for me, I just felt he really took the time to learn what I wanted. I appreciate the time he gave me.
By: nallen734
William Ravies Real Estate
Happy with Mark and the service that he brings to the table. He is always available for me when I had questions and was very knowledgeable! Very impressed.

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