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  • A A.

    If you want someone to degrade you, this is the place to go. Dr. Kwan is beyond rude and adjectives used by Austin H. in a previous review from 8/26/2014 describes her to the T. She will not care about your privacy or your rights as a patient or you in general as a human being. She deserves less than 1 star if I had an option to choose lower.

  • Marcie J.

    As a former nurse, I can tell you that Dr. Kwan is a GOOD doctor. I wish that every doctor I ever go to were as good as she is.

    True, she is not typical. She is extremely knowledgeable, with science degrees. She is thorough. She is direct in her questions and answers. Her advice is accurate and honest. Your appointment will take longer than you supposed it would. She is very willing to make referrals to other doctors. She is careful in who she refers people to. She handles all of her own office work. She has stacks of papers (most for research) around in her office, but they are not disorganized. She expects children not to be rough with the toys she provides -- and to put them away before they leave.

    If you want an excellent doctor, she's the one to see. If you don't know what good doctoring is, but are only familiar with and want to see the gentle "good beside manner" sort of doctor whose inadequacies can be smoothed and soothed away, then you're right to look elsewhere.

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    Austin H.

    Horrible, RUDE, sarcastic, spiteful and just a MEAN person!!! Dr. Kwan is the only one ever there and shes SO RUDE it's ridiculous!!!!! Talks bad about all her clients to any of her clients that there!! Just a very rude and disrespectful old lady! I wasn't her client but my wife was, just sitting in the waiting room I could hear how mean of a person this "Dr." is! Just like the other person who left her a review, going to Dr. Kwan is a BAD idea!!! NEVER EVER GO TO DR> KWAN!!!!!!

  • Horrible Horrible experience!

    The only thing I really want to say to you who's reading this review is: DO NOT EVER GO THERE!!

    My story: The first time I called, the Dr picked up the phone. I said to myself "shouldn't a Dr have an assistant to answer phone calls"? But I made an appointment anyway where she told me that I can come and see her the very next day. I was surprised because I called a few other offices earlier that day and they were all fully booked until the next few weeks. That should have been an indication to me that she's not a good eye Dr! But I proceded to go anyway because I didn't want to wait for 2-3 weeks. Bad move!! When I got to the office, sure enough she's the only one working there.

    At first she was nice. She said many bad things about my current contact brand and started to 'persuade' me to change to a different brand of contact. I let her do that just because she's old and that she's the professional. I'm the kind of person who knows what I want. Anyway, I spent more than an hour in her office, either being persuaded to change or to wait for her while she's talking to another victim of hers. Hey,. what can I say.. the old Dr doesn't have any assistant!!

    The next appointment is when she put the different brand of contacts in my eyes. Right away I did not feel comfortable. They are worse than my old contacts! When I voiced my opinion, she told me to wait a few hours. It was already 6pm, how much longer she expected me to wear the contacts? Also, I've been wearing my old ones since 6.30 that morning. And then she said sarcastically that she will put me on the old contacts because I don't agree with her. I was like.. are you serious? Is that how a Dr. (an old Dr - she's super old and wrinkly like a witch) suppose to say when a patient is not comfortable with what she prescribed? I walked out of the office unsatisfied and pissed!

    The next 2 days I thought I gave it another shot. I said to myself that she's the professional, she SHOULD know better so I made that phone call. She said I can come at 5.15 that day. I went there to kinda be a good patient and try to see what she has to say about the fitting of the new contacts. She directed me to the old fashioned with old equipment room and told me that she doesn't want to see me again. And then she said she wants her trial contacts that I was wearing back. Still trying to be nice, I let her took out the contacts out of my eyes and then only I realized that she didn't wash her hands! She could have told me when I called that she wants the contacts back, and I won't have any problem driving over there to them drop off. I'd rather do that then having to see this witch's face and then had her touch my eyeballs with unwashed hands! I drove home at 5.20pm, already dark out without my contact lenses!

    I was so pissed and angry, seriously I really wanted to cuss her out. But I maintained my kindness and just walked away.

    So people of Solano County : Do not go to this person to get your eyes checked. She may be an optometris but she's surely is not a professional Dr. I should have listened to my husband who said that everything about this Dr sounds weird.

    FYI she farted while she was examining my eyes! What a gross old hag!!! She's that old she cannot control the fart anymore!

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