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By: Manuel L.
This place is a joke. First the receptionist is a clown. While their I seen her lose someone's I'd. Then she tried to charge me some crazy Co pay which required me to call my insurance and talk to her to tell her she was overcharging me. Then when I got the work the dentist was trying to talk me out of the getting the work done because he didn't feel like doing the work. If all this wasn't enough a year later I get a bill for over $1,000 because they forgot to take a xray so my insurance wouldn't paid and they tried to make me pay for there mistake. Bottom line stay away from this place.
By: Manuel L.
This place is a straight joke. First off the dentist didn't want me to get more work done because he didn't feel like doing the work. Second the receptionist who works their is the work. I seen her lose a I'd while there and she forgot to have me take a x ray after my dental work and tried to make me pay for my insurance because they weren't going to cover because they forgot the xray. Also they wanted me to pay some crazy Co pay untill I called my insurance and had my insurance call them and tell them they are trying to over charge me. Bottom line stay away from here don't get ripped off.
By: michaeln17
Worst experience I've had out of any dental place I've been to throughout my life. Apparently, this dentist; at least the tall blonde lady, feels that me coming for a second opinion is completely unheard of and is worth resorting to arguing with me over. All I wanted was for her to take a look at my tooth,to tell me if she was able to visually see anything in the area that I was having issues. The X-ray showed what appeared to be a cavity but she would not visually confirm it. I had already seen an root canal specialist and ruled out the need for a root canal. She would not take the diagnosis from them and said I need to see her root canal specialist. Unless I did she wouldn't look into my mouth no matter what, for no good reason. I understand seeing her root canal specialist but can you at least visually tell me what you see there? Is that so hard to take a quick look? Confirm at least that you see some discoloration there, or to your trained eye maybe you could identify that it is a cavity. From then I would have been happy to go see another root canal specialist and have it ruled out again. My pain isn't horrible and there is no infection in the root. It just feels like an annoying localized cavity. I can taste it. Why couldn't you just take a simple look? Why fight with me over something so petty. Very turned off by that. Plus this place looks very unsanitary, tools laying around in the area they just placed me, seat is grungy looking, the air suction tool was running the whole time right next to me, pair of dentists goggles sitting next to my hand on the chair. After 5 minutes of giving me attitude she says she has to ask her manager. Her manager comes out and starts diagnosing my x-rays like she's a dentist, telling me that its impossible for a dentist to visually confirm any cavity. Only the X-ray can do that. I know that is wrong because every single dentist I've been to has sometimes referred to those shadowed areas as possibly nothing but a shadow cast by a filling or even just an abrasion cavity. I thought to myself why am I even talking to you, you aren't a dentist. Then I asked her can I please speak with the dentist, her response was "No the dentist is in a very complicated procedure right now and won't be able to see you today." So I got to see the dentist for 5minutes have her be bitchy to me the whole time because I had seen another licensed dentist. I think that is my right lady, I pay the insurance, I can see other dentists if I want. Their opinions are valid, they've gotten the same licensing as you. Then to top it all off, as I walk out I see the dentist sitting up in the reception area, with a grin on her face, like she was just listening to everything with amusement...Horrible experience, get some people skills if your going to be dealing with the public. Try to learn to control your attitude, be professional, clean your place up, its disgusting.
By: cheryllynng
Parkside Dental Care
I have received excellent dental work at Parkside Dental. Dr. Williams and his assistant (as well as the entire staff) have always been professional and friendly. Their prices are very cost effective, and Dr. Williams, and his assistant Megan, are very knowledgeable. I have utilized their services for the past 12 years and dealt with several members of their staff, but most notably Dr. Williams and his assistant. I feel so comfortable and secure with our treatment there that even though I have moved all the way to Sacramento, I gladly make the journey over an hour away, because of the great work they do, which includes the trust factor, the caring they exhibit, and their great customer service. Dr. Williams has actually called me after hours and on a weekend because he knew I was concerned about a dental issue I was being treated for. Dr. Williams treated me for multiple tooth issues 12 years ago, and placed porcelain caps on several of my teeth. He saved these teeth, and in addition the porcelain caps today look as good as they did the very first day he put them in. We are so grateful to have Parkside Dental to take care of my family's dental needs, and can't imagine anyone having a valid, negative comment about them.
By: bad...
Windsmile Dental
The way the fairfield practice is run, is really bad. I called to complain today about a $25. late fee for an $18 charge that they never told me about, and was told... “that’s fine, I will remove the fees and dead file your family”. I had to take my son in to fix a problem that the dentist created the prior time we were there. They didnt charge me whiile I was in the office, I assumed because we all knew it was their fault to begin with, but later they charged and added a late fee. My dead filed family and I, will go someplace else. Tyvm.
Tips & Advices
  • Pick Your Plan: Most people purchase three main varieties, usually through their employers.
    • An indemnity or fee-for-service plan means you'll have to pay for annual deductibles and co-insurance payments out of pocket.
    • A preferred provider organization is less costly, and you choose from a network of dentists. However, PPOs have some limitations and accompanying deductibles.
    • A dental health maintenance organization plan limits you to just a few choices of dentists, and one doctor handles all of your oral care needs. However, these HMO are usually much less costly.
  • PPO plans and dental HMOs work with only a select number of doctors. While that usually means fewer costs, it also means you have less choice in the dentist who can treat you Before purchasing the plan, you'll receive a list of dentists in each network. From there, you can then pick a plan with doctors who meet your standards and requirements.
  • When picking a plan, you need to look at just how much you'll pay for each and every service. For instance, some plans won't cover your fillings or X-rays, while others may charge more or less for a crown or tooth extraction. You don't want to be caught off-guard by unforeseen charges.
  • If you're truly comfortable with a dentist and you feel he or she can be an ally in your ongoing oral care regimen, then consider signing a plan to just keep that dentist available. That means potentially deal with costs and other insurance-related factors that you might have wanted to. If need be, you might be able to work with the dentist's office to address some of the plan-specific concerns.
  • Ask family, friends or colleagues for recommendations. They will be able to provide details about a dentist's demeanor, operating style and approach to patient care
  • Meet with any prospective dentists to ask about what treatments they perform most often, procedures they're not as familiar with, what accreditation they have or any organizations they belong to and how their offices handles insurance and payments.
  • Consider driving distance, location and office hours.
  • Check With Your State Board: The state board can outline what requirements your dentist must meet and offer information about any discrepancies in the their background and if he or she has faced any disciplinary actions.
  • Remember Your Angles - When brushing your teeth, always place the brush at a 45-degree angle..
  • Don't Forget the Tongue – Your tongue is the largest source of bacteria. Brush it front to back and don't forget the sides.
  • Floss Everyday - Each time you floss, have at least 18 inches of floss available. For optimal control, hold the floss between your thumbs and forefingers.
  • Watch What You Eat - Sugar, alcohol and coffee contain phosphorus. While some can prove beneficial, too much of this chemical can eat away at your teeth and gums.
  • Keep in Mind the Mouthwash - Mouthwash can be helpful if used to supplement proper brushing and flossing. Most mouthwash brands contain chlorine dioxide, a chemical that targets the majority of oral bacterial strains.
Yellow teeth are the result of a number of bad habits, mainly smoking, drinking too much coffee and improper nutrition. Many dentists will treat with a whitening procedure.
These painful bumps are the result of irritation to the soft tissue of your mouth. These sores can make brushing almost impossible. There are a number of different causes for sores, including anemia or a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Your doctor will have to examine the bump, find its cause and then develop a specific treatment plan, including the use of corticosteroids to reduce inflammation or antimicrobial mouthwash.

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