By: renter7
Mediterranean Village
I lived in a house or a condo for years and then I had to move into an apartment complex. The complex has had an update but I am still in an older apartment. I pay my rent on time every month and have NEVER been late. This apartment complex is noisy to their tenants. There is NO reason to notice if someone takes a walk, drives their car, does anything because they are NOT your friend, lover or do they pay your rent. I like my apartment but do not like the fact that the management will say oh we noticed that you are ... it is not your business what I am doing. I will get the name of the owners because this has gone too far. I do not have to move, I HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. DO NOT WATCH ME!!!
By: amymontandon
Gateway Village Apartments
My children and I have lived here for over 3 years and I have not had any problems with this neighborhood. The management is great and approachable and the ground keeper's do their very best to keep the property clean. I would give this place a higher rating except that there are 3 people in my unit and I wanted to move into a three bedroom. I was dissapointed to find out that you have to have 4 people in your household to do so...and...parking is very limited on the property so if you have more then 1 vehicle, this might be an issue.

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