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By: Fairfax city R.
Zinnia Aesthetics & Anti Aging Clinic
A place for every women! Dr. Roba is amazing with her facial medical treatment. I had pustules on my skin since I was in my teenage. It was mild at first but soon it started affected my entire face especially cheeks. Hopeless, after having expensive and high potency tablets, one day I came across this clinic. I was afraid to have chemical peel at first thinking that it will burn my face. But hats off to Dr. Roba and his super convincing skills which persuaded me to go with this treatment without a single doubt in my heart. The results were effective. I regularly use his skincare products to keep my skin bacteria free and clean from excessive oil. You will enjoy your visits in a hygienic and a place of good vibes. Spread the word for Dr. Roba's cutting edge medical treatment with personalized attention. I betcha, you won't be disappointed.
By: untainted505
Medalase Aesthetics Centers
One day looked in the mirror and saw a stranger looking back. Felt 30 and looked every minute of my 45 years... To be honest, I'm a major wuss and the thought of surgery scared the bejeezus out of me. My friend had filler done at Medalase and she turned out awesome... Doctor Ginnan did my liquid facelift. And I look damn fine, if I do say so myself. And so does all my friends and family. Highly recommend them. They do lipo too, but the doc said I should exercise and diet first.. If I still have my saddle bags, then he said he'd do the fat vacuum. Have to say that further impressed me. He could have easily gone straight to my pocket book, instead of recommending something he won't be making money on as first line of defense.
By: Fairfax city R.
Salon Diva & Spa
Salon Diva & Spa located in Jermantown Square of city Fairfax is providing the best hair color and hair care services in the town. I tried their hair cut and shampoo and it was amazing. Highlights are good too. If you are looking for a complete new look then this is the must check out place. If you have not visited this salon, you are missing out. On my last visit I had a cut by a new stylist. I had to guide her a lot regarding the cuts i wanted to have. It was a bit exhausting visit. Next time, i would prefer to have a hair cut from a staff member who is familiar with my styling sense. For now, they deserve four stars.
By: Fairfax city R.
Kama Hair Studio
A nice and clean salon for the residents of Fairfax city located on Old Pickett Rd. A very caring and knowledgeable staff who knows how to cut, style and color hair professionally. I went there for digital perms. I was satisfied with the end results. Perms were large and really pretty. Also the price was reasonable for the perm. But they need to improve the machines. If it takes three visits do the perm the something is not right with the machines.
By: Fairfax city R.
Hair Cuttery
A full serviced and value priced salon on Main St. of city Fairfax providing various cuts, texture, coloring, waxing and styling services. They gave me a luxury haircut. Impressive skilled professionals. Although I would recommend asking the customers how much they want to cut the hair short before. Luckily I wanted to cut short the exact same size the stylist did before she bothered to ask me.
By: Fairfax city R.
Hair Story
People visit this facility frequently located on Fairfax Blvd due to its affordability & timely service. Staff here is very attentive especially young ones. I've been here a few times only but I was very satisfied. You will get very glamorous cuts & good recommendations here. Timings are good but advance booking will surely be helpful.
By: Fairfax city R.
Family Hair Care
Hair is important part of your personality. I visited Family Hair Care saloon in Democracy Ln, Fairfax & got myself a unique haircut for Thanksgiving party. Best place for a nice hair dye which will keep your hair healthy and high fashion at the same time. Checkout their photos.
By: Fairfax city R.
Sharon Hair Town
A good hair stylist on Old Pickett Rd in city of Fairfax providing finely cut and professionally colored hair services at reasonable prices. I got my new hair cut from Sharon. My experience went really well. They styled my hair beautifully at reasonable price.

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