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By: Tallalaskaguy@yahoo.com B.
Young's Gear Denali Drivelines, INC.
I want to add my kudos to "Mike" and the staff at Young's Gear. I give a 5 out of 5 star rating for this local Fairbanks shop. I had just bought a used PT Cruiser and a week after buying it I had a major transmission leak which I thought was a seal gone bad on the trans-axle. After I said a prayer for guidance, the next thing I saw and read was mszendrey's review from 3/4/13. I had a just had similar experience from Gene's over the phone, so this clicked as my sign that this was the shop I needed to help me. I called up and got a cheerful professional greeting from Mike who was as friendly and personable as he was professional in his highly skilled trade. The day of the appointment he diagnosed the problem as the wrong cv axle pushing out the seals because my model did have not anti-lock brakes and the one that had been previously replaced did. They looked almost identical but were a part number off. This is something that a normal jack of all trade mechanic would not have probably even noticed or checked. He gave me an estimate that was little over $400 after he thoroughly explained the situation and the options he could do. (I was anticipating close to a $1000 bill going in) and his final bill came to $332.95, after he replaced the cv axle assembly and getting it all put together right.I wish we had other specialty shops that were as good and as reasonably priced as Young's Gear. Although I didn't get to meet him face to face, Mike is the most professional shop mechanic I have ever had the pleasure doing business with. May God Bless these guys, this is the way business should be. Professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and reasonable.
By: mszendrey
Young's Gear Denali Drivelines, INC.
I would like to give Young's Gear a 5 out of 5 for I got this email from genes *please read with caution and hold your laughter for later* When you are done reading and laughing please continue to readThe price on the transfer case chain is $444.00. We would have to order from Chrysler which takes about a week. If you need it quicker than that we can air frieght it to us which would be an additional $75.00. Let me know if you would like to order the chain and if ther are any other parts in the transfer case that need replaced. Thank YouRon BeaumariageGenes ChryslerParts Manager After reading this you might be thinking the worse well I can assure you, I didn't buy my chain from genes rip off. I went through youngs gear. and though there was a miss communication on the price (one guy quoted me 117 the other 140 somethin) they gave me the initial quote of 117. I recommend young's gear for all your driveline, tcase, transmission, or misc, needs. these are wonderful people.-97 laredo-

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