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By: Chelsea E.
Fairbanks Taekwon-Do
My experience at Fairbanks TaekwondoMy son attend Fairbanks Taekwondo for little over a year. I was told about this place by one of the masters at a religious service we mutually attend. She has so much passion about this place and everyone there. I thought about my brief experience with Taekwondo in South Korea, and I really enjoyed it. So, I thought why not check it out. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. My 6yr old son at first was too nervous to go into the do-jang and he watched form the side lines. Master Williams the owner and top instructor at Fairbanks Taekwondo gently encouraged my son to go in. For awhile my son didn’t take Taekwondo seriously, he thought it was a game and was more interested in playing then listening to the instructors. I was very angry at this, but the instructors did not seemed concerned. Master Williams talked to me a few times, ensuring me it was just a phase and he will learn. Master Williams is so good with kids and frustrated parents. He is someone I have grown to trust and deeply respect. Master Hicks is very funny, she is always coming up with jokes. She has become a good friend of mine. Master Socume is inspirational, She is always talking about how everyone in the do-jang keeps her going. I really enjoy talking to her. These instructors have molded my very energetic son to have patients, discipline, respect, and confidence. My son though still very energetic is more serious about Taekwondo and works very hard towards his next color. He is encouraged by his peers and his instructors. He is very passionate about Taekwondo and looks forward to every lesson. I know he is getting the best training and will go far in Taekwondo. Fairbanks Taekwondo is a small Do-jang with a lot of passionate, devoted, and caring instructors. Everyone is friendly and is willing to help each other. Each rank takes their job seriously, from the youngest student to the oldest master.
By: Teresa J.
Fairbanks Taekwon-Do
Teresa J.Our boys have had a great time learning at Fairbanks Taekwon Do. The instruction is superior and it shows at tournaments and competitions when they spar and compete with kids from other dojangs in the area. Master Williams is very kind and patient with the students, but does expect them to show respect to him and others and do their best in class. The instruction is a good balance between having fun, building self confidence, and learning self control. We have two boys have earned their black belts and one who is about to earn his red belt it's been a great sibling sport for our family.

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