By: Iza L.
Diesel Doctor The
I heard about the diesel talk from a friend of a friend and decided to check out the shop. I had no service done this first day, just met the guys and asked basic questions about future work I might want done. Fast forward a month and I popped my power steering gear box driving in Point Loma. Not knowing what else to do I called Jesse from the freeway; he told me to bring it in, even if he couldn't get to it today he would check out the issue and quote me. After an extremely strenuous trip to El Cajon, Jesse gave me a quote and told me that he would call me tomorrow at the end of the day with an update. I got a call 3 hours later saying that he made some time and got it done. I hoofed it to the shop asap and he took me under the truck and showed me the new gear box and gave me a one year warranty(as he always does) to boot! Jesse knew this was my daily driver and took time from his personal life to help. I can't say enough good things here. You're in good hands at the diesel Doc.
By: Glad C.
Diesel Doctor The
Diesel Doctor has worked on these trucks for a while now and provides great work, quality pricing with fast service. We started looking around at diesel shops, but Diesel Doctor was the only one with good reviews and good reference from people we know. After talking to Jess we knew right away he was very knowledgeable on diesels.Diesel Doctors have done large jobs on our trucks and none of them have stayed in his shop for more than two days. In the business we're in if the truck is not running then we're not making money and he understands that completely. My drivers can take their trucks by his shop if the check engine light comes on and then we will know on the spot what is wrong with the trucks. I would recommend Diesel Doctor to any company with a fleet of diesels or someone with a personal diesel vehicle. They do great work and will stand behind anything they do on your vehicle. They are also great to work with and don't mind explaining anything you don't understand.
By: Honor S.
Diesel Doctor The
I bought a high mileage diesel truck (my first diesel) from an out of state dealer.... "as is". That tells you everything you need to know! ;) So, what I did not know before, I am learning now... and one of those things is that knowing about gas engines is about as useful to diesels as experience in fast food is to fine dining! So, with that said, I looked online to find a diesel shop with good reviews to deal with the "issues" my new POS came with! I am glad they did! Jesse and his crew did an excellent job, fast and for a very reasonable cost. My repairs would have broken the bank had they not worked with me on finding good used fuel injectors and in repairing (rather than replacing) my faulty Injector wiring harness! (saving me around $600!) Needless to say, they will be getting my business the next time something I can't fix fails!
By: Isa K.
Diesel Doctor The
Lets start with Genie,she was very knowledgable about what would take place in fixing my truck.Her telephone manners were the best,she informed me how much ,how long and the status of the condition of my pick up.I had called a few times and in each conversation she was polite,I thank her for this.I also talked to Jamie .he also had a very positive attitude and explained more information about my truck.I thank you both for the great service that you all provided to me.My truck is running well.I also liked the fact that what I needed to do to my truck was offered to maintain it.Thank you very much!
By: Garv H.
Diesel Doctor The
Our family has used the Diesel Doctor for 10 years, for both gas and diesel. They have provided us the best work and service we have found in Alaska. They are very good about diagnosing what should be done and what needs to bedone (i.e. explaining what could wait 1 month, 6 months, etc; and what needs to be done now). The work is explained thoroughly and done well. If there are extra costs, this is always explained before the work is done. The Diesel Doctor is one place in Fairbanks where you can trust the mechanics and staff. There is no need to go anywhere else
By: Levi B.
Diesel Doctor The
I am a former mechanic and I am very picky about who works on my truck. At The Diesel Doctor it is always nice to talk to someone who doesn't BS you. I feel there are honest and more so when they don't know the answer to a problem they let you know and then find out the answer. I had an uncommon internal engine problem that they were able to diagnose correctly. The truck I have owned for many years is running the best it ever has. I live in Clairmont and consider it worth my wile to drive to El Cajohn to get my truck worked on by someone who I trust
By: Wanda K.
Diesel Doctor The
I have heard about you guy before but never thought about coming in, until I had to and I spoke with Jeanie the front desk clerk. She handled all of my problems with out any questions. She guided me to where and what had to be done with my truck even thought the mechanic shop that I just picked it up from gave me their expert advise,hers was dead on and more professional. The mechanics that did the work AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! You guys are really the DIESEL DOCTOR'S. Thank you so much,will see you guys again here soon
By: michael.sybert.7
Connies Boutique
I went there two days ago to buy a dress for a military dining in. I am 6 months pregnant and the ladies there were terrific. I got there an hour before closing and they went through their whole inventory trying to find a dress that would accommodate my big belly. Their patience and professionalism was extremely appreciated. They also gave me a $50 discount on the dress, perhaps because I'm military, but they have definitely earned my repeat business.
By: Ata P.
Diesel Doctor The
The Diesel Doctor has been servicing our gas and diesel vehicles for about 7 years. They are a family business who offer exceptional, personal service to their customers. They guarantee all their work and are very honest about troubleshooting problems and prioritizing maintenance issues. They are always accommodating when it comes to scheduling appointments, as we live 2 hours away. We would not trust anyone else to work on our vehicles.
By: Bonita P.
Diesel Doctor The
I have been coming to The Diesel Doctor since 1993. I drive 60 miles a day and a dependable ride is very important to me. Gary and the boys have always fixed what was broken, let me know what was about to break and stood behind what they fixed. When I drive out the driveway, I know my truck will get me where I need to go. Thanks to the whole crew for doing the job right, the first time and every time. How could you ask for any more?

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