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    Founded in 1954, Craig Taylor Equipment Company is an equipment dealer and rental company. Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, it is an Alaskan Corporation and an authorized dealer for over 15 manufacturers,

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By: Jd D.
Alaska Fun & Sport Center
Really bad sales people. They are rude and don't really know anything about the sleds and bikes they are selling. Parts people are ok but never have anything in stock and takes FOREVER to get the parts in. Its also a HUGE pain to park and then get out of the place.
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By: Presley C.
Fairbanks Imports Service Center
I'm certainly no car genius, but I'm also not an idiot.. maybe if I would have brought some large older men with me they would have listened to my suggestions... but because I'm a young woman there's clearly no reason to listen to what I have to say. They seem like nice people but I felt thoroughly disrespected.Because I have an Audi, there are limited choices of where I can have work done on my car. We've been taking the car here for about 3 years now. Recently I brought the car in to have work done on the heater. I told the man it probably needed a specific thing done to it (because that had been the problem in the past), but he dismissed the suggestion and said instead I needed an almost $800 repair. After agreeing to the much more pricey repair, I got a call saying they were not completely satisfied with the work and were going to do the repair I ORIGINALLY SUGGESTED (hmmmmm suspicious huh?)When i picked the car up, the heater only works when the car engine is over 3000 rpm... so city driving means the car is still icy inside. Also, the coolant was low after getting it back and the overheated within a couple days of getting it back.The least I can say is disappointed.
By: animalssssss
Alaska Fun & Sport Center
They are a huge rip off for the military folks. Don't recommend them for anyone and will tell everyone to go to Northern Power Sports or Compeaus over them. They also treat people like they are stupid.
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By: Cory C.
Kendall Mazda Of Fairbanks
I’m steaming mad!My husband and I went to Kendall Mazda/kia of Fairbanks in hopes to either purchase or lease a new vehicle depending on the numbers they could give us for a trade, but when we found something we really loved and showed clear excitement about And interest in, we where shown (what we now know were fake numbers including the amount our trade was worth). They let us test the car for a little while before we figured it out, and after returning to review the numbers and make a decision, there was a total 360° in attitude and we were shown all types of confusing math that made extremely no sense whatsoever, on top of that they started acting strange and got really patronizing by comparing numbers with fruit(i.e bananas and Apples..) we were never actually shown any interest rates, credit scores, or actual purchase forms after we had made our minds up on the new car that we really wanted. Don't get me wrong the staff we actually talked to was quite nice, but when we questioned about payment options we where basically told that it wouldn't be possible for them to sell us a vehicle, New OR used, in a way to where we felt our money wasn't good enough. To be honest my husband and I feel discriminated against and treated like dummies with money to throw away. Everything was fine until we started asking questions, the manager that WAS there wouldn't really even look at us after we were being turned away. My husband has made his mind up not to return and is planning on either taking legal action or placing a strong formal complaint, but I however am willing to swallow my anger and hopefully talk him down and get the car we both had our hearts set on. Either that, or go to corporate and the district manager.
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By: Olivia L.
Gene's Chrysler Center
The service department at Gene's is an absolute mess. They refuse to properly repair vehicles under warranty and when questioned, simply tell customers to leave. I recommend anybody with poor customer experiences to complain to corporate so that they can investigate the continued lack of customer service. Shame on them.
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By: Shaun H.
Gene's Chrysler Center
I only wish that Yelp offered less than one star because this dealership deserves nothing short of a lump of coal. On Sunday Feb 1, our brand new Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk stalled in Fairbanks, AK on the highway. Several failed attempts to start. Was able to get it towed to my work for the weekend and then had the vehicle towed to Gene's Chrysler on Monday morning. We were told that they cleared the engine codes, got the vehicle running and it was ready for pickup. We went to pick up the vehicle Wednesday evening and didn't even make it out of the parking lot before the Service Engine light illuminated. We left the vehicle. Thursday we were again informed that the vehicle had been repaired. This time they did a PCM update. I read the service report and it indicated that there were several engine codes. All of them for cylinder misfires. I inquired about what they had done to investigate the misfire and was told that they did nothing...that they simply reprogrammed the computer and reset the codes. I assured the service advisor, Angelica, that the problem was clearly not addressed and that I suspected the vehicle would again break down. She assured me that it would not. The next morning my wife was stranded on the highway in a brand new Jeep Cherokee with just over 7k miles on it...the temperature outside..? -31F. Yes...thats a NEGATIVE 31 degrees fahrenheit!!!We again had the vehicle towed to Genes. They then lost the paperwork and the keys for a half day. They were unapologetic for sending us out with a still-broken vehicle. They continually fed us BS about the problem, rather than admitting that they were stumped...The diagnosis this time? The vehicle was due for an engine oil change!!!! REALLY??!!Are you out of your mind??!! The recommended service interval on a 2013-2014 Chrysler vehicle with synthetic blend engine oil is 12months/10,000 miles. If there is excessive starts and or towing with the vehicle, that number goes down. Our CHANGE ENGINE OIL light came on on Saturday Jan 31....the day before it broke down on the highway. Am I to believe that if I do not change my oil the second that the light comes on, it will break down in less than 10 miles??!!!! Really??!!The service manager, Terry, called me today, Saturday Feb 7 2015 and informed me that the vehicle was again repaired. I asked him what the problem was. He told me it was because we had not had them change the oil...The vehicle is only now 15 miles over the CHANGE ENGINE OIL light...keep in mind. I told him that it was not the problem and he then told me to "Shut the F@&% up and listen to him"I then called Lane Nichols, the owner of Gene's Chrysler and told him what his service manager told me and he told me not to bring the car to his dealership anymore.We then went to the dealership to collect our vehicle and were asked to sign a statement saying that we were threatening to the staff and that the vehicle problem was due to poor maintenance. When we refused, the service manager, Terry, told us that he would call the police and have us arrested for 'stealing the vehicle'... yes, for stealing our own vehicle from their business after they had performed no billable work on. Really??!!NOT TO MENTION....the vehicle, again, WOULD NOT START!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Still a broken vehicle. We have escalated the case to corporate. They were appalled. They have assigned the complaint to a case-worker who is supposed to contact us on Monday.We then had the vehicle towed from the dealership.
By: Steve J.
Gene's Chrysler Center
Gene's is the worst dealership in town. Their mark up on vehicles (about 10 percent, noted next to the MSRP, which they explain as "the cost of doing buisness in Alaska) is not found at the Ford dealership. I purchased my Jeep for MSRP in Anchorage and drove it back up. Lithia in Anchorage even offered to ship it up here for 300 dollars, which still saved me over 2500 had I bought the same vehicle at Gene's. Their service department is also a disappointment. Go to Ford, or Honda, or really anywhere else.
By: bonnie.prince.71
Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks
Seriously, I was drving up from Anc for work, all alone. -22 in Healy and my Avalanche was making strange notices. I was panicked. Cell service was limited so all I got out was a text about the noice and what was happening. I kept going with my load, coming down Ester @ 1:30 pm. I get a txt from my husband telling me to go see Areial at Fbx Gmc & Lythia 3300South Cushman. They got me right in fixed me up for less than $100 and with a free bottle of water I was on my way back to Anc at 3:25. I luv this place!! Forgive my typos, I'm on my cell still. Do Not get me wrong - Awesomeness Works Here!
By: kristina.clemente.9
Chevrolet Buick GMC of Fairbanks
My husband and I took our 2005 Chevy Suburban to be serviced and diagnosed. We knew we had a check engine light on and a few other obvious small things wrong, like the speedometer sticking and an oil leak. We dropped the vehicle off at 9 am and didn't hear back until we called the dealership around 6 pm. They told us they were ready for us to come look at the quote. We got there and the quote for the few things that we had wrong exceeded the value of our vehicle. The cost of diagnosing the things that were wrong was $264 and in the end I feel like it was the biggest waste of my money. I may as well have flushed the money down the toilet. They had added in things that we didn't ask them to do and overpriced everything until our repair bill was over $5000 which is close to the value of the vehicle and I don't consider that a coincidence. Of course we were unable and unwilling to put that kind of money into the vehicle. Then they tried to talk us into going out on the lot to look at a new vehicle (which we suspected was their motivation the whole time) but we weren't interested. The check engine light was something that we were interested in getting fixed and they said it was an O2 censor that was out and that it would cost about $800. We said we would think about it and we left. We went home and did our research and went to our local auto store and were able to fix the O2 sensor ourselves in a half hour for $53. I have no idea how a $53 part becomes $800 even with the overpriced amount that labor costs. Even though we have been burned in the past by Chevy dealerships we thought we would give them a shot and get quality work and instead we got a shady experience and were left with the feeling that this dealership feels that since they are the only local Chevy dealership that we are stuck going to them but I can guarantee that they will not have my business and I will be more than happy to spread the word that they are underhanded and overpriced.
By: alaskandriver
Fairbanks Imports Service Center
I've taken my vehicle to Fairbanks Imports for over 3 years now and they have the best service and mechanics in town! They always call me for authorization before they do the work, and they always seem to find and fix the problem. I highly recommend them! A+++

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