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By: Laura M.
King Alaska Cab
Scott, a dispatcher was very rude! Doesn't want to do his job, and makes it very obvious!!! The driver's are usually nice.
By: Lisa C.
Eagle Cab
Wow, years latter and the previous reviews still apply. Rude, obnoxious and unreliable. Walking would be better if that is at all an option.
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By: Alisane C.
Eagle Cab
I had one of yellow egale cab drivers run a stop sign shooting onto the road in front of oncoming traffic an cut in front of me running me off the road an onto the train tracks on Phillips Field Rd this morning endangering the lives of myself, my loved ones and the surrounding drivers. We were almost hit by the cab and the car behind us had to brake quickly to avoid hitting my car. When I called the company to report the driver all they said was they would handle it yet I saw the same driver still on the road not long ago and they cut infront of another car causing them to hit their brakes abruptly. Obviously by them saying they would handle it they meant do absolutely nothing an allow one of their drivers to endanger the lives of whoever they want. I urge anyone who do use cabs to not use this company if you value the safety of your life or the lives of others. The only reason I gave this rating of one star is because they require a rating to post. Honestly they aren't worth rating!
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By: Roy C.
King Alaska Cab
Today I called King Cab for lockout service after I waited two and a half hours for lockout service from Greatland Taxi. They were here within 10min did the job and were courteous. I know who to call first next time. They are my competitor but I value people who do the job right. thank you
By: Shayla K.
King Alaska Cab
They really don't deserve any stars at all. The driver was nice, but dispatch was EXTREMELY rude. After asking for a ride home from work today, he told me he wouldn't guarantee a ride, but he said it in a very rude manner and then hung up on me! I was VERY disappointed.
By: gail.woodall.77
King Alaska Cab
she take money from you and than when told go back give u change. she yell at you cuss at you. theated to kill u with her gun.when all you said nicly next time for your customers you should have change not try spam them out money. why would she think that okay do to anyone let alone disabled preson? another bad experience I had was after my appointment I had wait over an hr.after I got told 20 minutes. the cab went to the wrong place. the. ditbach was rude. I not happy with service they provided now days and allowing druggies work for them.people who do illegal drugs shouldn't be drivers. bad customers service .....I ues to take all time with no problem. now days you better go some where eles or they will kill you! !!! they carry gun but druggies could go crazy and shoot someone. if you theated someone you probably would hurt a customer .....
By: lacey.bishop.7
Eagle Cab
rude people answering the phones! I'd rather walk 20 miles in the freezing cold than to let them drive me anywhere! I had to give 1 star otherwise I'd give 0!!
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By: ice.j.jordan
King Alaska Cab
Dispatcher was EXTREMELY RUDE, even hung up on me!Driver was very nice.
By: jpantana
Eagle Cab
Don't even bother!!! Their dispatch is astonishingly rude –– really, it's impressive how rude they were. Spare yourself the aggravation and DO NOT call. If zero stars were an option, that's what I'd choose.
By: barr.brittany
King Alaska Cab
LOVE this company!I was desperate on a Saturday night (after calling Arctic Taxi and waiting an hour). The cab driver showed up within 15 minutes of my phone call and was nothing but polite and prompt. (his name was CJ) Amazing service, I will be calling again.
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