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By: Fredline J.
Anacona Hair Salon
My hair is all natural no perm I always leave looking like a have a perm when it's just a blow out #HairGoddesses so respectful and nice they speak Spanish amongst each other but it never makes you feel awkward.. If something is wrong with your hair like bold spot or it's breaking they never announce it to everyone they whisper it to you never embarrassing you infront of other clients
By: jane.dizazzo
Salon 214
This salon was recommended to me by a friend and I loved it. I have long white/gray hair and I wanted to have my hair done by someone that understood my desire to keep my hair long but yet make it look fashionable. Beth did a great job! Will make this my home salon!
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By: Tricia S.
The Girl From Ipanema
Very friendly and very professional! Left with an enormous smile and will be back without a doubt!

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