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By: starrskisses
Evansville Hyundai
Bought a Hyundia certified used car when I got home there were only 4 lug nuts on each wheel. When I went back the next day the shop manager said I should have said something when I bought it and wanted to charge me for them. So I had to buy some off of eBay so I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg. Took it in later for a warranty repair and the broke the curtesy light on drivers door. They pushed it up into the door so I didn't notice it until a few days later. When I asked them about the service manager again said they didn't break it because they didn't work on my door and I should have told them about it sooner. They didn't work on my door but they got in and out of it a few times. Worst experience buying a used car ever would never buy from again!!
By: Ken H.
Town and Country Ford
Have had the best experience 95% of the time. Very nice personnel and my vehicle has been given good work. Even when there has been an accident Town and Country has fixed the situation very gratefully at no cost to me due to their negligence. Thank you
By: Charlie G.
Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant
The manager basically interrupted our supper by pushing a table closer and closer to ours. It was to the point you could not walk between the tables anymore. He and his staff kept walking by our table and speaking in their language. We left before finishing our meal. When we spoke to the manager he was very rude. I do not recommend this location.
By: Michele R.
D-Patrick Downtown Ford Lincoln
I bought a brand new 2016 F250 King Ranch from D-Patrick in Boonville.  While purchasing my new vehicle everyone was very nice and I felt like I was in good hands.  I have purchased 2 vehicles from D-Patrick in the past and felt I was a valued customer.  Driving off the lot a number of warning lights started to go off. Took the truck to dealership to be serviced.   Boonville dealership had the truck for 5 days repairing the issue. When I picked up the truck the lights went off again before I drove off the lot.  I took the truck to the D-Patrick Ford location in Evansville.  They have had my truck for 10 days at this point with no idea of how to fix the problem.  The service department has been in talks with Ford engineers and been driving my truck daily while hooked up to a diagnostic computer to try and figure out the issue, putting hundreds of miles on my truck in the process. Do to the fact that I need a truck and feel this one is unsafe, I called Ford and they told me to talk to the dealership about compensation.   I called the Boonville location about making it right and the sales manager told me to come down because they stand behind what they sale and he wanted me to be happy.  While at the dealership the sales manager was rude and standoffish.  He wanted to give me trade-in value for my new truck and sell me a different truck, giving me around $16,000 less for the truck I just purchased.  The "deal" he was working on would have made my loan payment go up $150 a month.  This was a truck equal to mine, instead of trying to provide good customer service they were trying to make more money off me.  When stating my disappointment with the situation and customer service to the sales manager he stated "I just sell them, I don't make them."  WOW.  The owner also was not helpful with the situation and spent most of our conversation talking over me and my spouse.  He basically told us that we should be thankful that they gave us a courtesy vehicle because they weren't required to do that and a lot of dealerships don't offer that service.   He told us that the situation was bad for all involved; it would be unfair to them to do an even trade because Ford wouldn't reimburse them for the truck and that was unfair to them.  He stated they have sold 10,000 vehicles this year and only make 5% on each vehicle.  I guess he was wanting my sympathy but after D-Patrick tried to make more money off me because of the situation, I just can't see them as the victim.  The owner called me back later that day and told me that he called Ford to recommend they buy back the vehicle.  He told me that should hold a lot of weight with Ford.This week the service department called me to inform me they fixed the problem, but there was no guarantee that it wouldn't go off again.  They told me I could pick it up the next day; I called to confirm picking up my truck and they told me they had bad news, the service lights came back on.  They told me that they have no idea what the problem is and they had exhausted their resources and it was up to the Ford engineers at this point.  They do not know when the Ford engineer is going to come.  The service department has been very friendly but the situation is frustrating. The dealership is still unwilling to help correct the situation and I am left making payments on a vehicle that I cannot drive.  I am in communication with Ford, but at this point, I am just waiting for the lemon law to take effect so I can get my money back and this truck can be branded a lemon.  That would honestly be the best result; that way no one else gets stuck with this truck without knowing about its serious safety issues. I just want to let everyone know that D-Patrick has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life and I would never recommend them to anyone. They will be nice to you while selling you a vehicle or doing warranty work but other than that they don't care about you!
By: Russell R.
Town and Country Ford
Very poor customer service. Needed to bring my brand new truck in for service due to warning lights on dash. Filled out online service appointment form and no one called me back so I called later that day and was told a service advisor would call me back and nothing.Now it's the following day and still no contact. I'm glad I did not purchase my truck from there and will be finding another dealership for my service needs.
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By: Richard R.
Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant
Had dinner with my wife and my nephew from Pensacola Florida. My nephew is fluent is Spanish and had a wonderful time with the staff. I myself was clueless but I could tell that everybody was having a good time. The food was excellent. The decor was remarkable.
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By: Korey A.
Town & Country Ford Inc
Best place with the friendliest staff around. Would recommend to anyone around. From sales to service you could not ask for any more.
By: John C.
Evansville Hyundai
I purchased a used 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe and had an issue with the flex pipe making a deep tone while driving and the vehicle shifted gears. The manager took a few test drives with me and kept blowing it off like it was normal and also claimed at one time that he didn't hear anything and that I was hearing things. I ended up having to go to the owner of The dealership and make a complaint. After about 2 months of headaches the owner got my vehicle in the service department the next Monday and tasked someone out with finding the issue and fixing it. It took two months for them to fix an issue that I reported the day after purchasing my vehicle with them. In the end it took 2 days in the shop and it was fixed. Very bad customer service from the service department manager.
By: John C.
D-Patrick Honda
Excellent and expedient service every time! The staff are all really friendly and trustworthy. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
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By: Meredith S.
Hacienda Mexican Restaurant
VERY slow service and made what should have been a 20 min sit-down meal into an 1 and a half. The West Side Hacienda however is quite opposite
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