By: joey.medicis
First Avenue Car Wash
They have been in the Car Washing business for a long time and they are the only people I trust to clean my car. All the other car washes popping up dont have the experience like First Avenue Car Wash. Performance and customer service it through the roof. 5 stars all around
By: kariholder
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
I love Shine On Car Wash. They have a great location. The staff have always been very kind and helpful. The vacuums are free to use and I have never experienced a long wait. I definitely recommend this car wash if you haven't been there yet!
By: Kayla B.
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
Lots of machines. Very clean. Everything works well! Love using the vacuums and all the guys here are so nice and do a great job. Only car wash I choose to go to!
By: Al R.
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
Hands down, these guys are the best. I drive across town for this place because whenever I try something closer, it never measures up.
By: Guy H.
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
Totally blown away. Was expecting a typical exterior car wash and got a wash more detailed than even I would have done on my own.
By: Bob J.
F-5 Auto Wash
Doesn't look the best, but thought it was a good value and I got a clean car. I don't have any complaints.
By: Melissa R.
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
Thank you Dr.Gutter for doing such an amazing job and providing such phenomenal after care!
By: Nick B.
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
This place is fantastic. Great staff, exceptional attention to detail.
By: Michael L.
Mike's Carwash
Excellent service and courteous reception.
By: ebarnes0122
Shine On $3 Express Car Wash
Great place for a good wash real fast!

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