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By: Barbara M.
Select Specialty Hospital
My dad had a heart attack in mid March and was transferred to Deaconess Gateway for surgery. Everything that could go wrong, did. NOT the fault of Deaconess! They are FABULOUS. But dad was not strong before the surgery, and he just had a lot of complications. After a month in the hospital, he was transferred to Select where he currently is now. Dad arrived at Select on the ventilator with a tracheostomy, a central line from dialysis, a PEG line for feeding, as he was unable to eat anything, and a cath. He was transferred from Deaconess ICU to Select ICU. We entered Select and were immediately met with the sweetest greeter. They have been nothing but sunshine. Mary gave up a tour of the facilities and she was nothing but kind, compassionate and helpful. In the 2+ weeks dad has been here, we’ve had the opportunity to meet numerous staff. They are the sweetest, most caring and compassionate personnel you could ever hope for. And I do mean everyone. Doctors, nurses, assistants, therapy, housekeeping. They are great. The CEO brought in a whole team to meet my mom and talk to her about their goals. The CEO gave mom his cell phone to call night or day if she needed. Dad has the dialysis line out, he has been totally weaned of the ventilator, and now the trach is out, they taught him how to swallow and eat again, and are working on building up his strength. He was stage 1 in the beginning (ICU) and is now at stage 3. Stage 6 means a patient is able to get up, walk around, and go to the bathroom on their own, so dad is half-way there. He has very poor appetite, so the PEG line is still in, but feedings are down, which is yet another move forward. And should your loved one have a complication, they are on top of that, too. Dad had an “episode” and it really scared him and mom. The doctor came right in, ordered tests, and got a cardiologist on the job. The cardiologist had him moved to Deaconess Downtown for further tests, which all turned out fine. They even had his original surgeon in on the care. So dad is back at Select, getting stronger, joking with the nurses, and slowly, steadily working towards moving on to the next step. It will be a long road. He has been through so much and it will take much to get him back to where he wants to be. But we have NOTHING but PRAISE for the whole staff at SELECT, and can only say; “God BLESS ‘EM!
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By: Laura E.
Aids Resource Group
They are the most generous ppl. I wouldnt b alive today if it wasnt for all the help theyhave provided for me n my family.. this organization doesnt get much donations to my belief and I knw there r still ones who dont knw they r positive, and praying the recent higher numbers of ppl get the help they truly need. This organization gets nothing in return but to see US SURVIVORS STAY ONTHE RIGHT TRACK N NIT GIVE UP ON HOW HARD LIFE REALLYIS BEING POSITIVE.....GOD BLESS U ALL AT ARG
By: Brian D.
Things Remembered
We stepped foot for the first time ever in this store Saturday at Eastland Mall and can't wait to go back again! The customer service was awesome and the items in your store was amazing. We just walked in to look around and came out after spending almost 300.00. lol. Our engraving was done in less then an hour and the Customer Service was awesome!
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By: Tru M.
Rí Rá Irish Pub
I came here for their fish and chips because all my friends have raved about it. The fish was soggy and not really crispy at all. I would have complained to a manager had one been around to check on me.
By: Mandy T.
Liquor Locker
Always have all the special seasonal beer which I love! I always choose to come here rather than any other liquor store because they always have nice people working and provide such a good variety :)
By: Dakota S.
Liquor Locker
This is the friendliest liquor store I have ever been to. All the employees greet you at the door and are super helpful when finding you the right type of wine or liquor you are wanting.
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By: D E.
Select Specialty Hospital
They are good at some things. But, the management sucks. Some of the nurse staff are rude and condescending. The CNAs have a better bedside manner than nurses.
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By: Lily P.
Rí Rá Irish Pub
Service was pretty good and the food was delicious. I got the cottage pie and it was very good, the sod bread was not my favorite though..it could use some work.
By: Aaron R.
Liquor Locker
Amazing atmosphere. Very knowledgeable staff. I actually inquired about a wine they did not have and the owner ordered it just for me.
By: dana.newcomblancaster
Liquor Locker
Great place, friendly staff, very helpful and knowledgeable. Store is very clean and they have a great selection of craft beer.
Tips & Advices
Many hospitals have their own websites that include information about services offered and how to contact personnel. But you can also search online, in the phone book, and through health and medical-focused review websites.
Medical service prices vary according to the hospital, the type of procedure, and many regulations. The price that a patient actually pays will depend on their insurance coverage policies. If they do not have health insurance, patients may establish payment plans with the health care provider directly.
Most Americans older than 65 are insured under the Medicare program for emergency hospital visits and basic medical care. Whether you are about to turn 65 or already have, you should familiarize yourself with the Medicare program and the benefits it provides. Medicare can work in conjunction with a workplace or other private health plan. Seniors should also take the time to establish legal documents concerning future medical care and end-of-life procedures. These include a living will, advance medical directive, and related documents.
Visitation rules vary by hospital, but in general, any biological or legal family member of a patient is allowed to visit them at an appropriate time and at the patient’s discretion. Friends are typically  allowed to visit at the patient’s and their caregiver’s discretion. A patient may also designate a support person to make decisions on their behalf regarding visitation.
Ambulances are driven and staffed by medical professionals who will transport patients to the closest hospital that can provide the specific services needed. Some hospitals specialize in certain types of emergency care - facilities that specialize in trauma, heart attacks, stroke victims, and children are a few common examples. The patient being transported has the right to request a particular hospital, but the ambulance personnel may refuse this request if they have reason to believe treatment is required as soon as possible. Paramedics may require you to sign a waiver before transporting you to a hospital that you request.

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