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By: Larry T.
Law Office of Steven K. Deig
He’s a soldier’s soldier. I went through at least four or five other attorneys on the same case before finding Steve. He’s very professional. Being a soldier and having been in the military, I find his integrity is unmatched. Regardless of the situation, he’s honest and expects the same. Steve will fight for you. He cared about my kids' safety as though they were his. The best thing about working with the firm was their Integrity, honesty, and professionalism. Steve presents the facts and presents them well. He’s well-prepared and always organized. He’s a well-seasoned attorney, yet he’s still prepared. He doesn't take things for granted and just show up for court. He fights for me and for what’s right. He literally protected my daughter. It wasn’t about the money. He was passionate and did his own investigation. He even listened to my daughter, who was only nine. He didn’t just want to hear it from me. He wanted to hear it from my child also.
By: Rosie B.
Law Office of Steven K. Deig
I can’t say enough about Laura. I was impressed that she was so honest about the fees and also that she showed so much interest and concern about my situation. She poured her whole heart and soul into helping me. If I ever need another attorney she will be the one I call and everywhere I go I tell people about her. She’s restored my faith in attorneys. She’s so integral, I just can’t say enough about her. I’m just that impressed with her. She was very understanding, very encouraging and committed to putting me at ease. It felt very comfortable talking with her. I felt like she understood. She was there to help me 150% and it was very comforting and empowering. She kept saying “you can do this, you can do this and you’ll be proud of yourself." As a result of her advice I was awarded everything except for water damages due to a leak. I was absolutely floored and I owe it all to her.
By: Dirk E.
Law Office of Steven K. Deig
My experience was very positive. Not just Steve but the entire staff was extremely professional. I’ve recommended him several times and think very highly of Steve. I like how he looks at things from my perspective, the judge’s perspective, and the opposing party’s perspective. He sees things in a three-dimensional view. Steve is not just a good lawyer, he’s a good man. It shows through his counsel.I was going through a divorce and had been married almost 16 years. Divorce isn’t always pretty. Steve was really good at getting me through it with his counsel and advice. Things worked out really good. I can’t say that there’s an avenue where he steered me wrong.
By: Amy O.
Law Office of Steven K. Deig
Having the opportunity to work with Steven Dieg's law firm was the best choice I made for legal assistance. I was treated with the utmost respect by Steve and his entire staff on every interaction we had together. I was continually informed and updated as our case progressed to Court Hearings. All phone calls/emails were addressed with a quick response by his firm. This is extremely important when you are working with an attorney. I would highly recommend the law firm of Steven Dieg.
By: Marybelle C.
Biesecker Dutkanych & Macer
My first visit with this firm was August 2012, although my case was not settled until April 2016, I was kept informed of all of the details. My attorney was Benjamin Aylsworth. Benjamin and the entire staff was very professional. During my court hearings I was made to feel very comfortable. I would recommend this firm and especially Benjamin to anyone needing a firm that keeps their clients # 1.
By: Susan B.
Eric J Yocum
Yocum Law Office greatly helped me. I had heard so many horrible stories about applying for SSI. The Yocum office put my mind at ease. Not only did they help me obtain SSI but have an insurance agency in the same office. I have to give a big thank you to Amanda Fowler for always being there to assist in my confusion.
By: Kyle R.
Blackard & Brinkmeyer, Attorneys
Barry Blackard was great help in a time of frustration for me. He understood the situation I was facing and work hard to minimize the complexity of my divorce issues and provided me with an ideal resolution. He made this hard transition an easier one and I have nothing but thanks to give.
By: Nathan G.
Wiesneth Law Office
Great team to work with. Went above and beyond to help me through getting custody of my kids. They were kind and respectful. I couldn't have done any of this with out them & I have my family back together now. Thank you all at Wiesneth Law so much for your dedication and hard work.
By: Kim R.
Wiesneth Law Office
James Wiesneth is very professional, helpful, and knowledgeable about his law practice. It was truly a pleasure to work with him at a very disturbing time in my life. I recommend him to anyone who has to file bankruptcy. Thank you for your time and expertise.
By: Trevor M.
Wiesneth Law Office
I needed some help with my finances and am very glad I choose this law firm to help me through this legal battle. The entire staff was professional and respectful. They made me feel comfortable and gave me all the information and advice i needed.
Tips & Advices
By law, you need to be insured up to the minimum amount required in your state before getting behind the wheel of any car. Beyond that, your insurance needs will vary depending on your financial situation and the amount of risk you are willing to take on.
  • Full or comprehensive car insurance is the most expensive, but often the best deal for drivers who own an expensive car, those who commute frequently or anyone who lives in an area with extreme weather or high crime rates.
  • Drivers of less expensive or older cars usually save more by opting for the minimum required policy, along with some extra coverage if they can afford it. Since the cost of repairs might exceed the total value of an older vehicle, some owners forgo collision protection in favor of greater liability coverage or personal injury coverage.
If someone other than you causes an accident while driving your car, most insurance policies will still pay for damage, according to the rules that apply. However, it’s a good idea to check with the insurance provider to be sure this is the case. Regardless, either the at-fault driver or the actual policyholder will be responsible for paying for anything not covered by insurance. People who don’t own a car but frequently borrow or rent one might consider purchasing a non-owner policy to make up the difference.
Car insurance premiums might be tax deductible in certain situations, but only with the documentation to prove it. Insurance costs may be deducted as part of overall business expenses if you use that car for work-related travel. However, this does not generally apply to taxpayers who use the standard deduction when filing their income tax returns. If your car is used for business purposes often, save all insurance-related documentation, as well as receipts, invoices and other forms of proof that your vehicle expenses were for business purposes.
Car insurers set premium prices depending on every driver’s individual risk. A huge number of details are factored into every determination of insurance risk, so the cost of any two policies can vary widely depending on the driver’s personal attributes, accident history, location, vehicle type and much more. The type of coverage you choose also impacts what you pay - premiums for minimal liability coverage will almost always be lower than those of a universal coverage policy.
The cost of car insurance is highly variable, but according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, U.S. motorists pay around $900 per year on auto insurance.

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