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By: K. N.
Oral Surgery Group
I'm not the kind of person to leave reviews but i feel this needs to be said. The staff overall is wonderful and the nurse i had made me feel very relaxed with the whole situation of having a molar extracted. This was my second visit to this facility, the first being when i had my wisdom teeth extracted with the IV sedation and that went amazingly well. That being said, this visit is one i won't forget. DR. YATES is a VERY unprofessional individual. He's quite rude to his staff and apparently his patients for no reason. He immediately began to pry into my medical history because he saw something i had put about my medication which had nothing to do with my oral health or anything that could be a cause for bringing it up. Yet he did in a VERY rude and unprofessional manner by talking down to me and making me feel like i was on trial and did something wrong just because he doesn't believe in the use of said life-saving medication. Regardless of whether it's his religion's​ belief or just his own opinion, it shouldn't​ have been handled as it was and i will NEVER go back under his care. I tried to ignore his rudeness by trying to lighten the mood with general small talk and he just ignored me entirely as if i had become his enemy. He made it obvious he doesn't care by jamming the local anesthetic needle into my gum harder than any needle I've ever felt and began to rotate it almost in frustration which made a giant hole in my gum and more pain than even having the tooth pulled caused. His nurse had to keep calming me down by squeezing my shoulder and patting me everytime he made some remark and as he left the room she'd apologize repeatedly for his behavior. If you decide to go here, do yourself a favor and avoid Dr. Yates entirely!

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