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By: craddock01
TGI Fridays
The location may explain problems with this restaurant. It is located in the only "mall" within 50 miles and the biggest mall within 100 miles. Given that, they have a continuous flow of customers, regardless of service & they can charge 30-35% more than surrounding restaurants.My wife works Wednesday's so I bring food home every Wednesday night and have done so for the past 10 years. I have been to every restaurant in the area. TGIF, on average, is higher than Red Lobster. I have only tried TGIF twice in the last few years - because they are in the mall. Both times, the order was wrong.The first time something was left out. I don't remember the details but I remember calling. They offered for me to return to get what was missing but I live 15 minutes away and wasn't planning on a 30 minute round trip. They sent coupons to make up for it. I never used them. This time (tonight) I ordered the Strawberry salad. They may want to have their chefs read the menu. The menu states the salad comes with "Fresh balsamic-marinated strawberries, shaved Parmesan, goat cheese and glazed pecans served over mixed greens tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing." My salad actually came with fresh balsamic-marinated strawberries, served over Romaine lettuce tossed with Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing.NO PARMESAN CHEESE, GOAT CHEESE OR GLAZED PECANS. In their defense, it would have been a damn good salad had it come with everything advertised.
By: Hazel S.
Logan's Roadhouse
Used to be a family favorite now, they've bumped their prices up unless you would be able to squeeze in for their 3-6 PM M-W deal but, most people work at those hours! The food doesn't suck but, its not as fresh as it used to be. The wait staff are not that friendly and usually take forever..... to get the food out. Both the West Side and East Side have really slipped off the map. Especially the West Side where one waitress stiffed my husband out of his change because she assumed she'd get a tip for being a total rude arse. Oh and how "convenient" that nobody wears name tags at either place so it makes it hard if you have a complaint. I just pointed to her and she booked out quick like a rabbit when she got "caught" even though she was slow as a turtle for everything thing else! I do still go to the Eastside only for my husband but, usually I can help sway him elsewhere with the reminder of "remember they will steal your change".
By: Elizabeth P.
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers
I got the waitress name Jordan from hell.First of all she didn't let me finish telling her my order. So I sit there pissed off, n finally I called her back n said you didn't let me finish, you cut me off, n started charming my husband. ... dear girl, I was paying the bill, so zero tip for you! This other guy came over n pour my beer, n refilled my water. His name is keith. Food was good but we didn't get asked for bottomless fries. Very unhappy with this place n it will never be as grand as RED ROBIN IN ST. MATTHEWS, KY AT THE MALL... So by saying this... I won't be back. I did leave a tip for Keith, n gave it to him, thanking him for what little good service we did receive. .. Jordan asked to take our plates, guess what, she dropped the plates n food landed on my good Capri pants.... So remember. ... if you want good service at this place.... ask for Keith!
By: Ford P.
Sean Wray, you are the biggest douche bag in Evansville. I went online trying to find a Cleavers menu and here you are bitching about 10 cents charged for mayonnaise. Again. On a different site... You are the stereotypical restaurant jackass. You've never once bothered to write a positive review for the restaurant or sandwich that you have had "many times" and "love" but you couldn't log on fast enough to complain. Such a jackass.Worth noting I have NO affiliation with Cleavers other than I eat there once every 2 weeks, or so. Food is a GREAT alternative to fast food. Portions are filling, menu selection is pretty decent. So sick of people like Sean Wray quick to complain but slow to (or maybe never) praise
By: Millie J.
Spudz N Stuff
This is the best place to come and get your feast on for cheap. I'm always filled and have plenty of left overs. I love your spuds and all of the various choices to choose from. Your staff are also always welcoming and friendly! Keep up the yumminess ;)
By: ryan2011
Red Lobster
Its a wonderful place to eat the last time I went there which was on my birthday I absolutely loved it you definitively get your moneys worth plus if you can't eat it all take some home and enjoy it the next day like I did
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By: Darrel R.
Libby & Mom's Cafe
The top level is child free ,which means peace and quite while you eat, the do have lower level that children are allowed. I just wish all businesses would consider child free zones ,theses parents today let the kids run wild ,
By: James O.
Stoll's Country Inn South Inc
We live in Fl and get to Evansville area several times a year on business. We always look forward to going to Stoll's. Everything is excellent. Only drawback: we udually over-do it and leave feeling stuffed.
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By: Tru M.
Rí Rá Irish Pub
I came here for their fish and chips because all my friends have raved about it. The fish was soggy and not really crispy at all. I would have complained to a manager had one been around to check on me.
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By: Lily P.
Rí Rá Irish Pub
Service was pretty good and the food was delicious. I got the cottage pie and it was very good, the sod bread was not my favorite though..it could use some work.

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