By: localbiz
Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop
Try the whole menu! Not in one sitting though, what I meant is this is one of those places where you keep going back to try something new and different on the menu each time. I love Southern cooking, so whenever I have a hankering for it, this is the place I go, and I have a hankering for it every time I am in Evanston. Both the starters and entrees are good, I've worked my way through almost half of the choices on the lunch menu, and about a quarter of the dinner menu. Everything tastes just as good as if I were in the kitchen of my friend's moms down south. If you are a fan of fish, then this place will please. Most of the dishes I have tried are fish dishes. The salmon pasta is great, the trout pecan has been my favorite dish and the shrimp creole was the best okra has ever tasted. Definitely try the green fried tomatoes and peach glazed wings, both starters and sure to please everyone at the table. The restaurant itself is pretty neat, kids will love it and if you are stuck in the middle of an awkward date there is plenty on the walls to start a conversation over. Its kind of done up as one of those side of the road bait shacks with signs and kitsch up all over the walls-- plenty to keep you laughing. The service is always great, very southern and attentive. Brunch is busy, but whenever I stop by during the lunch hour or early dinner hour, there are plenty of tables ready and I get seated immediately. Even though the university is a couple blocks away, it is never overrun with students. I definitely recommend this place, never had a bad meal or bad service.

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