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By: danidaveyfan
The Hair Port
I gave "The Hair Port" three stars. I tried to average the haircut rating of 2 stars with the customer service rating of 5 stars, so I guess it should be about a 3.5 stars really. First, the woman who cut my hair was courteous, and let my 3 year old daughter sit on a stool beside me so she didn't have to sit alone in the waiting area(an obvious issue). The front desk woman was also nice and gave my daughter a little toy bucket so she had lots of toys to keep her occupied while we waited for an opening(we were a "Walk in). There was an older woman who cut hair there who also gave my daughter a little bag of M+M's as a treat because she was well behaved, which was really nice. All of the above goes way above and beyond, so 5 stars for the staff and their attention to customer service and the family atmosphere, thank you Hair Port staff. Now, to the hair cut. The price for a men's haircut should not be 18 dollars, that's a bit high. My hair was already relatively short, having just been freshly cut two months ago in Hollister(for 12 dollars). On the door it was written,"Walk in's Accepted." I waited an hour for someone to have time for me, which is a long time if you have a small child with you(thank God for the toy bucket). When one of the women became available, I told her I wanted it short, but still comb-able. The woman buzzed the sides as short as I wanted it(#2), but did not fade it right. She left the top long(didn't even touch it with the scissors but to make sure there weren't any differing lengths). I thought I remembered telling her I wanted it short..... Well, with the sides as short as they were, and the top left virtually untouched, my hair looked like Johnny Bravo's. After the haircut, the woman asked me if I was OK with the haircut. I asked her why she didn't cut the top at all. She said she would leave it long if I wanted to be able to comb it.... I probably could have had her cut it shorter, but didn't want to stay there any longer than I had been because my daughter was starting to get antsy. She then asked me if I wanted my hair rinsed off to get all the clippings out, and I said yes. She actually shampooed my hair, which was nice, but it was not enough to make up for a bad cut, which is what I was paying for. When I got home, my wife laughed at my hair and asked me where I went to get the bad cut. Needless to say, I won't go back there. I really appreciate the staff being nice and the attention to outstanding customer service, but I went there for a haircut and it wasn't all that great, especially for 18 bucks. I tipped 2 dollars because they were really nice to my daughter, which is important to me. If your a huge fan of the Rock-a-Billy movement and like the Johnny Bravo look, then this might be the place for you, but I won't be going there again.
By: Erica S.
The Hair Port
There is no better hair stylist/hair cutter than Amanda. I have been going to her for 10 years. The hair cuts and color she does are perfect. A+
By: Debbie L.
The Hair Port
I love love love Holly :) She is excellent with hair color.Debbie

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