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By: Laura S.
Dirt Cheap
I love this store Woody and his employees are very helpful then know the prices and they keep the store organized . Whereas I went to the store on cherry lane what a disaster it was a mess the prices were more for the same thing I had just bought at the Euless store when I asked they said each store set the prices . I bought a ninja blender at the Euless store for 25.00 , they didn't have anymore so they sent me to the cherry lane store they had one so l get to the check out and there is a friend of the girl running the register , there talking and i go to ask about the price and the friend asks me in english where i found that and if they had anymore i told and she said she had been looking for one then she started talking to the cashier in Spanish , the cashier ringsit up at 59.99 I told her it was 25.00 at the euless store they had the same code for 80% off , that is when she told me that each store does there own pricing and she then went back to talking in Spanish to her friend who then asked me if i still wanted the blender in English, I said not for 59.99 and the cashier said something to her in Spanish again and her friend laughs and said I'll take it then . And walked off with it , l think not only does the store make there own price but apparently so does the cashiers because I got the feeling that when her friend came to check out that the blender was going to be 25.00 again. I will never go to the Cherry lane store again, I think the customer service is horrible and they are very rude . I'm not even going to start on the language issue, Let's just say that it is very rude to speak english to one person and then talk to the other person in spanish when all 3 people know English. Again I will never go to the Cherry lane store again. But if you are looking for a store that is great then you need to go to see the Euless store.
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By: Hanan A.
Alamir Market
This is one of the best stores I've been to. The employees are so sweet and nice. This store is full of different cultural foods, which makes me love this store!
By: Ryan C.
Premier Nursery
Great experience! It's refreshing to have a staff knowledgeable about their inventory as well as take the time to answer all my questions.
By: Quintana O.
99 Cents Only Stores
This store saves me a large amount of money on snacks for my grandchildren.Great customer service, love to shop there
Tips & Advices
A plant guarantee covers the buyer that if a plant doesn’t survive the guaranteed amount of time (usually one year, but sometimes up to 5), the plant will be replaced. This does not cover annuals, which have a life cycle of only 1 year.
How often to water a grass lawn depends on the climate, the type of soil that surrounds your property, and how deep the root system of your grass grows. A general rule for watering is: every day during summer in warm climates. This rule can be modified if lawns are older, or the climate cooler. For mature well-rooted lawns, deeper but less-frequent waterings are recommended as being healthier than daily 15-minute rinses.
Fruit trees should be watered different frequency of times depending when they were planted. Younger trees, up to the second growing season, should be watered twice a week. Make sure to give up to 1 full gallon of water weekly to newly planted trees during their growing season, and more when it’s gaining  eaves. Once the tree reaches mature fruit-bearing stage, waterings can be cut back, as the roots are sunk and can find ground water.
The question of when to plant fruit trees really depends on climate. The general rules are: You should not plant fruit trees when the ground is frozen, when the peak daytime temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the forecast shows extreme weather (i.e. a tornado warning). Aside from those rules, the suggested planting times are either fall (which most people recommend) or spring (for bare-root trees).
There are many kits sold on the market that measure soil pH levels. Dyes, test strips, and electronic pH meters are all formulated to assist the home gardener. Many people choose to simply shake up soil and distilled water, and then measure the pH with a hand-held meter However, some people consider this method not very useful, and suggest using a lab for greater accuracy.

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