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By: Shannon M.
Fix IT 4 Less
Horrible! Came to my house at 9 pm! Didn't have his own tools. Bad to use ours, and kept insisting I let my dog out of his kennel. I kept saying no he will bite. Then charged me 250$ for 2 hrs of work and a 4$ part. Very rude and unprofessional as well. I've never encountered such a horrible business experience.
By: James C.
Fix IT 4 Less
I can't speak to the experiences other people have had. I called FIx IT 4 Less on a Monday in the late afternoon with a Whirlpool washer that was out of alignment. I was warned that Scott (the owner) would likely be late. But he would try for between six and eight. He was indeed a little late, apologized profusely and went to work. Quick, thorough and efficient, he was in and out. He fixed the problem (and two others I didn't know about). Scott explained what had caused the problems and what to avoid. He is not shy about his political leanings, but I found his engagability refreshing. These old guys that know what they are doing can be cantankerous. But there is no substitute for experience and know-how and an 'arseholes and elbows' attitude of hard work. 5 stars and highly recommended.
By: mjnoodles
Fix IT 4 Less
So rude and told me basically told me I should call someone else because he couldn't help me, ie, he wouldn't be able to help a person like me. I would call anyone else before having him evaluate your appliance repair situation. Personally, I would buy a new appliance before having him fix what I had.
By: stephm
Fix IT 4 Less
Never have I dealt with someone so unprofessional and rude in my life! I wish I never encountered this man! My house and washer is worse because this man attempted to repair it. Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT hire him. We needed our washer fixed and Scott said he was available weekends and nights, which is perfect for us as my boyfriend and I both work. As with all the other stories I see posted, Scott made an appointment for 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm but he did not show up or call until 9:50 pm when we were already in bed. As we were desperate to have our washer fixed we let him come in and look at the situation. He examined the situation and said he thinks he knows what the problem is and would come back the next day to fix it. We paid him the service fee that he requested and made and appointment for the next day around 7:00 – 8:00 pm again. The next night comes around and again Scott does not show up until 9:00 pm. I asked if he needed anything and he just said some towels so I gave him 5 large towels in case he needed it. I left the scene but after a while my boyfriend went downstairs to supervise the situation. Scott had cut himself on an internal part of the washing machine, so we offered him Band-Aids. I finally went back to see what was happening and I see that Scott is trying to hold this heavy machine up with his leg while asking my boyfriend to put his head underneath it to look for something. Immediately I thought that was weird as he is supposed to be a professional and if that piece of equipment had fallen my boyfriend’s head he would have been seriously injured. I continue to witness his unprofessional ways of attempting to fix the washer by pushing and shoving it around. He also continued to cut his hands on the internal parts while trying to repair the machine, and getting blood all over our laundry room. When we gave him a Band-Aid or paper towel to wipe up his blood he would just toss it into our unlined laundry bin and would often miss so his bloody tissues would just be laying on the ground. He made a comment about the blood and I said to him “that’s fine but can you please clean up your blood before you leave?” He quickly snapped at me and said that he was not a cleaner and that I should be glad that he stayed to try and fix our washer even though he was injured and that he shouldn’t have. I responded by saying telling him he should’ve stopped when he was injured and that it is unhygienic to leave his blood everywhere. Scott continued to refuse to clean his blood up and he tested the washer again and it was still not working. He did not charge us and walked away. Throughout this entire time my boyfriend and I felt extremely uncomfortable with him around as he was acting extremely abnormal and we didn’t know what to do especially when he had injured himself as he continued to attempt to fix the washer. There are bloodstains all over our laundry room as well as the internal and external parts of our washer and the sink and his bloody paper towels on the floor and our laundry bin. He even used the towels we gave him to wipe his blood on. I am not sure what to do now since there is blood inside the parts Scott attempted to fix so I don’t know if I can get someone else to fix it in this condition and may have to purchase a new washer even though my current one is only 2 + years old. I have never felt so disappointed in a service someone has offered. Even though he did not charge us the second time he came I still feel ripped off as we paid him the first night. After this incident and reading other reports, it seems as though Scott’s ability to fix appliances is subpar. I am not asking for a refund or compensation for his terrible service, I am writing this as I wish that no one would ever have to endure the services he provides.
Tips & Advices
Certain basic maintenance checks can help keep your washing machine running efficiently. Regularly check to make sure the washer is placed in a level position on the floor. Check water fill hoses from time to time, and replace them if you observe signs of wear. Check for gashes and scrapes on the machine's exterior, and prevent rust by promptly addressing these scratches with touch-up paint. Check and clean the washer's drain pump filter at least once a month.
To extend the life of your washing machine, follow the manufacturer's recommendations for detergent use, since using too much detergent can damage the machine. Promptly remove damp clothes after a wash, since this will prevent mold and mildew from forming in your machine. If you aren't worried about children or pets climbing inside, leave the washer doors open after use, since this will ward off mildew and help its drum to dry completely.
Certain differences separate front-loading and top-loading washing machines. Unless they are mounted on a pedestal, front-loading machines require you to bend when loading laundry, while a top-loading machine allows you to load laundry while standing. Front-loading washing machines typically clean more effectively and gently than top-loading models, and they use less water. However, front-loading washers tend to be more expensive.
Washing machines need to be level, and this means that all four of its legs need to be in contact with the floor. If your washing machine isn't level, it can cause the appliance to violently rock and vibrate. This movement might cause the washing machine to damage floors and walls. It may also cause your washing machine to develop leaks and mechanical problems.
Your washing machine's drain pump filter should be cleaned every month. Cleaning this filter is also recommended if your washing machine experiences problems such as slow water drainage, unusually intense vibrations, and longer-than-usual pauses during a wash cycle. Your washing machine's filter may also need to be cleaned if the appliance leaves you with clothes that are soaking wet after the final spin.

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