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By: Scott G.
Jacksons Food Stores
The west side door is always locked (which is probably a fire hazard and against the law). There is usually only one attendant working the gas pumps and the counter. I've had to take the gas nasal out of my car and get my own receipt on several occasions. I've had to wait at the counter to buy my purchase while the attendant was pumping gas. The Pepsi syrup ran out of the soda machine and the attendant told me that the manager did not order anymore so they could not change it. Last, I'm tired of sitting at the register while someone has to count their till for 10 minutes before they can ring up my purchase. I've been a manager and this is not the way we treated customers, making them wait, locking doors so you have to walk to the other side of the building to get in. This place needs two attendants at all times 24/7 and keep one till open to help customers while counting the other one. Needless to say, I am now a 711 or Dari Mart guy and get my gas elsewhere.
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By: Sheila R.
Buy Two Broadway
The employees at this store have a longstanding tradition of treating customers as less than human. They're not above and beyond provoking customers just so they can call the cops and have someone hauled off to jail. There are two or three other convenience stores nearby that treat customers much, much better.
By: Mike F.
Jacksons Food Stores
Unsuccessfully tried to pay a phone boost mobile bill in store, was treated rudely when I asked for a refund
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By: Stephen B.
The Internet promotes buying a pizza with ebt card and complimentary heating it. In this case, they charge an extra dollar in cash, which they just put into their pocket! Scandalous! It was to feed the homeless and you just wanna make pocket money? Not cool.
By: Lauri C.
The Big Deal
This place is terrible. I bought a juicer from them & when I opened it to use, it had juice & food stuck to the inside. Also no owners manual. I took it back & the woman @ the counter said they do not give refunds & I could find something else in the store. I asked her if I could speak to the manager. After much back & forth she finally said that she is the manager. Finally convinced her that I was not leaving until my $ was refunded. She told me I am never to step foot in her store again. She is rude & treats customer like crap. The stuff is junk & filthy
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By: Josh J.
11/25/15Worst experience ever. Came in w/ my gf around 12am Wedenesday. were the only 2 customers. After spending about 5 mins in the store clerk told says " You need to hurry up." Shocked we asked " What?" He then says, " This is a convenient store." Suprised by his rudeness we told him we would take our business elsewhere. He told us to get out, while calling my girlfriend a "B**ch. We won't ever be returning to this store.
By: Stephanie A.
Duck Stop Market
I've been buying hot deli food, and other items from The Duck Stop for over a year now. The food is fresh, and they even have a menu and offer burgers! The prices are good too. They carry a little bit of everything from groceries like potatoes, frozen meals, and milk, to necessities like deodorant. The people working there helped me find my lost dog and always have a good energy about them. All in all one of the better or even best quickstopstore ive come by.
By: Katie S.
Duck Stop Market
STAY AWAY!!! I recently ate potato salad from this dirty little store and found a dead fly about half way through...disgusting and dirty! Also smells like a dirty ash tray by the pop machine!
By: jonw65
The Mac Store-Eugene
I have to say, I will never EVER shop here again!Why in the hell did this company get rid of "ALL" their talented employees, not to mention, the very same employees who gave a damn about customers and the products they sell?When I went into the store, an employee named "Alicia" treated me like I was an idiot. I came into buy a MacBook Pro 13-inch for myself to update my hardware. I already knew what I wanted, she approached me about five minutes after I walked in.I needed help with some questions about older software. I asked if she was able to help me concerning Lion when it comes to legacy software. Not PowerPC stuff, but post 2007 Intel based Mac's. She was rambling on about Rosetta, obviously she was not paying attention to our conversation. She continued on about Rosetta, about how I need to download and install this software no matter what. Then she went on to say that my "MS Office 2004" will work with Lion, that much I had already found out on my own. You need "MS Office 2008" or higher to work with Lion.I have other software that I already own like "Photoshop Elements 5" and other odds and ends, she didn't know if they would work. She told me to install the software first and if it doesn't work, just buy newer versions of the same software I already own. All anybody ever needs is to get the correct information to begin with, why should I use up my valuable time to do this? I couldn't believe this young lady didn't have enough sense to look it up. She was condescending the whole time, which I couldn't understand since I came in with a smile and ready to buy.All she had to do was the simple things to make a happy customer stay happy. Get rid of the condescending attitude, if you don't know, then say let me find out for you. This shows that retail employees care about paying customers. I had no choice but to walk out and head to Best Buy, where I hate having to go to do my shopping. But they got my business and treated me better compared to The Mac Store employees at Valley River Center.I use to buy everything from The Mac Store when they were located in downtown. It is really sad that I can no longer buy my Mac computers anymore from an Oregon based company.This happened back in late June of 2012.

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