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    1740 Adkins St


    2.41 mi

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By: Collette G.
Springdale Apts
Upon giving my 30 days notice the on site managers, not WestWood Venture office staff, but the onsite manager Jennifer and Scott were unprofessional business people! They are the people who also assess the apartment after you move out! Taking all of $1000 + deposit, then charging to my credit report $130.00 more just to spot a credit discrepancy on my behalf, which I believe has regard to personal issues reflecting on the Westwood Venture business as a whole...
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By: Grin I.
Springdale Apts
Managers are both friendly, helpful, & fair with quick, respectful response on most matters. Repairs are quick & reasonable.Neighbors are mostly down to earth, friendly, & helpful, while also keeping to selves most of the time.This is great place for those starting out, rebuilding their life after an ended relationship, on fixed income, looking to save money for bigger purposes, or in transition in their life. It's walking distance to Sam Bond's, Red Barn, Vanilla Jill's, Laughing Planet, & Pizza Research Institute, among others. Plus, downtown is fairly close too with great walk score and it's right by the bus stop.
By: donald.alexander.37
Jacobs Lane Apartments
they had a landscaper spray deadly neonicatinoides on trees and killed hundreds of bees.whats up with that??Know who you hire 6/18/14
By: Teal F.
Parkside Apartments
I have lived at Parkside for four years. Repairs and maintenance are normally done promptly, although they are not the most competent (lights have been left on when they were here while I was at work; once they left my oven on for HOURS after replacing the thermostat; a smoke alarm inspection resulted in my smoke alarm chirping non-stop, again while I was not home; they replaced a fan timer very poorly - not alot of pride in workmanship here!). If it s anything unusual it can take a long time and alot of follow-ups to get it done. They are NOT good at enforcing their rules, either. Again, anything they seem to find bothersome is not pursued to completion and requires the tenant to persistently follow-up. If they contact a rule-violator and the rule-violator denies violating the rule, they just give up and do nothing. So if you like violating rules and lying about it, Parkside is the place for you! The appliances are super cheap and the absolute bottom of the line models. I think the rent is a bit high for the #$%$ construction of the apartments. Since I ve lived here my rent has gone up consistently as amenities have diminished (for example, basic cable was included at first, then the next year that went away and they started charging for parking ). I suppose one could find a worse apartment complex but Parkside is not a place I d recommend to a friend. I plan to move as soon as my lease is up!
By: mrgoldfishybo
River Terrace Apartments
the rent is too dang high. they didnt insulate the pipes so unfortunately my pipes broke and most of my family pictures are gone they sent my 2 kids and me to a 1 bedroom apt for 2 weeks. neighbors are terrible one even yelled at me for my little chihuahua jumping on her leg screaming "GET YOUR UGLY A** F***ING DOG OFF OF ME" if you love being treated like a slave and are very very very stupid live here.
By: russellp2012
Heritage Village Apartments
By Far the worst place I have ever lived. Reason for that is black mold grows everywhere in house, fleas and other pests come into house as well as on the outside of house. Management doesn't seem to care about the residence. Smoking enforcement has been broken multiple times. In the contract the renters sign before moving in is, mold does grow in the houses. But it says to keep that from happening is too vacuum more. Black mold that was growing on inner walls of closet and inches from my family's heads. I can tell you this much, I vacuumed at least twice a week and every 3 months I run my carpet cleaner to clean up the carpet but also to remove any fleas hiding in the carpets. Before I moved to this apartment, both of my dogs didn't have issues with fleas. A couple months past after we moved in and both of my dogs were itching like no tomorrow. It got so bad that one of my dogs started biting at his own skin, causing bleeding and the loss of his hair in irritated spots. When I first started seeing the signs of fleas on my dogs, I went straight to management office to see about doing a flea bomb. After speaking with the manager, I was told that it wasn't safe to use a flea bomb and to try other treatments. The management at the apartments changed as fast as Cliff Harris driving down the interstate. It seemed to be getting better when they had one manager that knew what she was doing, but like the other managers that have come and gone. She got let go, and replaced by the next soup of the day. They have a smoking ban by apartments and so many feet from doors. Yet to this day, I have seen people smoking on their back porches and by the pool. Not just by the residents, but also by the management. After my wife and I moved on a to bigger better home, we were told that we needed to pay for the carpet being replaced, and flea bombs that were set off. Pretty much, it has left me with such a bad taste. I will go to great lengths to see that no one put their families in these kind of health conditions. Trust me when I say this, DO NOT LIVE HERE.
By: anonymous597
Rivertowne Apartments and Bright Apartments
Read the reviews on other sites too--the manager seems to make a side business out of trumping up repair costs on move out so he can keep your deposit. If you move in here -- TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING and store a copy of your move-in mark-up sheet. They would not discuss the details of the charges, provide a calculation, or compare with our move-in checklist. Further, complaints to the BBB went unanswered (look them up -- they have a worse rating than over 90% of apartments in AK, WA, OR), as did phone calls. A registered complaint letter and follow up phone call didn't help either. Steer clear unless you are willing to lose your deposit or take them to small claims court.
By: readytomove13
Heritage Village Apartments
These Apartments are the worst apartments in Eugene. The Rent is way too high. they have hidden fee's and do not repair the apartments ever. They will constantly paint the out side of your apartments to try and spruce up the place for a quick sale as this apartment complex is consistently for sale. The pool is open for 3 months out of the year and when it is open it's only open until 9pm. The Hot Tub that is year round has been closed now for over 4 months with no estimate on when it will be back up. This is a problem because they charge every resident in the complex an additional $25.00 per month to cover the costs of maintaining the pool and the hot tub they also claim this is to cover the cost of your water bill as well, but here is the funny part that extra fee they don't tell you about until after you move in doesn't cover anything. Tenants pay their own water bill. The apartments are very well insulated from side to side, but up and down is a different story. You can and will hear what ever your neighbor is doing. If they cough you can say bless you quietly and they can reply. Get ready to feel like you live with your neighbors. I was very fortunate to not have an up stairs neighbor until very recently and I read a review about how thin the floors where and I was like huh that can't be true. Well let me make sure you under stand if your neighbors say decided to talk on the phone in their apartment you will be able to hear the person on the other end of the phone respond to them. If you are being very quite and intimate with your spouse get ready to feel like your neighbors are joining in with you because they can hear your heavy breathing and you can hear theirs. The kitchens are tiny and the maintenance people never do repairs. I was promised to have things repaired when I moved in and still have not had a single repair done to my apartment even though I remind them weekly. O and Best of all the place smells of dog crap, because everyone here has huge dogs and they don't pick up after them and the maintenance people don't clean it either. This place also excepts Section 8 and the permanent section 8 residents here are well lets just say, if you enjoy living around a 25 year old obese man child who lives with his mother and screams f bombs all day and night at each other and know when he is at work, because you will see him posted either on his porch or in the parking lot selling drugs to children from the high school next door. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to live in a trailer park this place just might be for you.If you move here get ready to regret making that decision every day.If you are ever seeing a positive review of these apartments you are reading propaganda from someone who works here trying to keep their job. Do yourself a favor do not sign a lease for these apartments, there are much better kept apartments for way less money than what you would pay here. Remember any price they show you for an apartment is not including the $25 dollar a month hidden fee they don't tell you about until after you have moved in signed your lease. They will then come to you and tell you that O hey did I mention the $25 dollar fee, or hey you forgot to include the monthly $25 dollar fee in your deposit here. SCAMMERS
By: jmock13
Willamette Gardens
Run away from these apartments! We lived in two of their apartments, both times we had issues with cockroaches, and the seconds apartment we lived in had cockroaches, fleas left over from the previous tenet, and ants. Of course we had the manager send the exterminator, but all of the bugs kept coming back. Cell phone service is non-existant during duck football games, drunks are always stumbling around and kids are always vandalizing interior building hallways! On top of all that, the parking is a nightmare, you only get one space which is always about 1/4 of a mile away from where you live and if you want guests they have to fight for a place on the street or risk being towed because there is absolutely no parking for visitors. There are much nicer places all around the eugene and springfield areas for about $100 cheaper, you just have to look for them.

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