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By: Pamela O.
Stater Bros.
Shyanne was so helpful yesterday when I called in for a particular cake (Tuxedo Chocolate Mousse) for a co-workers birthday this morning! I was told by another employee a few days ago that I would be fine if I just came in; they always have one! Im so glad I called first!! They didn't have one. Shyanne took an order for me over the phone and even called me back later to advise of the sizes and prices! talk about great customer service and going above and beyond! I called this AM to make sure it is ready and Karina was very helpful as well and let me know it is ready for pick up! great job ladies on taking care of your store and customers!
By: Abbie A.
Sprouts Farmers Market
Never disappointed here! (wish I could say the same for Mercedes Benz of Escondido :/ )... Any who, Sprouts has a great atmosphere and a phenomenal selection of fresh produce and excellent choice of meats. Absolutely love this market! Think fresh ;)
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By: Lyle H.
A Delight of France Bakery
Excellent food and service
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By: Chase A.
A Delight of France Bakery
A few years ago I was sad to see my favorite restaurant fall in quality, however I came back for the first time in forever and found it to be back to its original WONDERFUL, TASTY self PLUS MORE! IT WENT PAST MY EXPECTATIONS! I found it to be under a new ownership and it really shows! Not only is it my favorite french cuisine again, IT'S BETTER THAN I REMEMBER!! :) (P.S.: Great customer service and wonderful staff! Keep up the good work.) Will be back for more soon!
By: Linda M.
LLL Reptile & Supply Company Inc.
The staff here may have an interest in reptiles, but they do not transmit it to their customers. I have been in this store several times and only one person there has offered to help me decide on the reptile I should get...the others seemed to be there just to "ring things up".When I go to a specialty shop such as this, I expect a certain degree of expertise and interest in the products, which in this case are living creatures. I did not find that interest among the staff here
By: Joey T.
LLL Reptile & Supply Company Inc.
I ordered a suriname boa female and she came with mites which infested my whole collection of boas I called lllreptiles to let them know that they have mites which they told me they were sorry about and that they would give me a discount for my next order which I refused because I don't plan on getting anymore reptiles. I just wanted to let you guys know that from that one mite as you told me that jumped on board has cost me a couple hundred dollars. But as far as ordering from reptile company online I would recommend you guys.
By: Lucille H.
Rick's Grocery & Deli
I like the deli in here. There are a lot of salads in here and there are so numerous good cold cuts. The counters are also remarkable, they have first-rate guys working in here.
By: Chuck B.
El Plantio Nursery
El Plantio has helped us several times with irrigation issues for our yard and garden. They were responsive to our needs and were reasonable in their charges. I recommend them!
By: Mike T.
Stater Bros.
Last night, I had the worst customer service experience ever. It was about 8:35 pm, there was only one checker, and she was old and slow. She was waiting on a guy with a huge order. Behind him were 3 more customers, then me. She was still ringing him up when 2 other customers came up behind me. Now there are 6 people waiting. She did not call for another checker. She finished the big order, and checked out the next 2 small orders. Then the guy in front of me hands her some kind of lottery scratch-offs that she has to go into the next checkstand to verify. Now there are 5 people in line to buy stuff and she s checking lottery tickets. Still no call for another checker. I left my order on the belt and walked out.
By: sliptimes4
Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market
I had a very negative experience today which was quite troubling not to mention embarrassing. Being environmentally-conscious, I carry my own reusable fold-up grocery bag when I go grocery shopping. I never ever thought I would have a negative experience from using my own bag, much less having such experience occur at my favorite store, Fresh and Easy.After arriving at the checkout register with my items and setting them aside near the scanner, I walked over to the end of the conveyor belt and placed my reusable nylon bag at the end of the conveyor belt so that it would be easily accessible once I was through paying for my items at which point I could just conveniently toss everything into the bag. I walked back to the scanning area and as I scanned my groceries and placed them on the conveyor belt, I discreetly noticed one of the employees come over to my area and go over to the end of the conveyor belt, presumably to assist me in bagging my items. Without bothering to ask me or even summon my attention, she began rummaging through my bag which happened to contain a few items that I had purchased earlier from Jimbo's. At that point, she did summon my attention and ask if I had scanned the items that were in my bag. I ignored her because I knew where this was going and I knew exactly how it was going to end. Moments later, perhaps having scrutinized the contents of my bag, I heard her mutter something about the items not being from Fresh and Easy. At that point with my bag still in her hands and her rummaging through it, I asked her what she was doing rummaging through my bag and she became defensive. I advised her that I didn't know what prompted her to begin rummaging through my bag, but I told her that was highly inappropriate for her to be doing that without just cause or my consent. With other customers in the immediate area and possibly hearing the commotion, I advised her that if she had any suspicions that I put any items in my bag that I had not paid for, all she had to do was ask and I would have voluntarily allowed her to look inside to show her that the items in the bag were items purchased elsewhere. Perhaps because she didn't appreciate being put on the spot, she became indignant. I asked what her name was (her name tag said Bonnie) and if I could to speak to a manager. At that point she started to apologize but the damage had already been done.She summoned the store manager whose name was Fred. I explained the situation to him that Bonnie had arbitrarily rummaged through my reusable grocery bag and accused me of having items in there that I had not scanned only to find they were items not sold by Fresh and Easy. I advised him that they were purchased earlier from elsewhere. I advised him that I as a customer, I have a reasonable expectation of privacy when I walk into a store and that it is an invasion of my privacy for any store employee, without some reasonable suspicion or justification, to harass or confront me, much less just rummage through my belongings without first asking for my consent or authorization. Fred was very apologetic and tried to defuse the situation as any well-meaning manager would have. He assured me that he would talk to Bonnie to ensure it didn't happen again. I advised him if she did it to me she has probably done it and most certainly will continue to do it to others. Thus, regrettably I advised him that I would have to escalate this matter further and bring it up to upper management to ensure it really doesn't ever happen again. It is extremely troubling to me that an employee, probably overzealous and on a mission to catch shoplifters, and without just cause, provocation or some kind of reasonable suspicion, could just arbitrarily choose someone and without permission, rummage through their bag and accuse them of shoplifting. Needless to say it was quite an unpleasant and embarrassing situation for me.
Tips & Advices
A plant guarantee covers the buyer that if a plant doesn’t survive the guaranteed amount of time (usually one year, but sometimes up to 5), the plant will be replaced. This does not cover annuals, which have a life cycle of only 1 year.
How often to water a grass lawn depends on the climate, the type of soil that surrounds your property, and how deep the root system of your grass grows. A general rule for watering is: every day during summer in warm climates. This rule can be modified if lawns are older, or the climate cooler. For mature well-rooted lawns, deeper but less-frequent waterings are recommended as being healthier than daily 15-minute rinses.
Fruit trees should be watered different frequency of times depending when they were planted. Younger trees, up to the second growing season, should be watered twice a week. Make sure to give up to 1 full gallon of water weekly to newly planted trees during their growing season, and more when it’s gaining  eaves. Once the tree reaches mature fruit-bearing stage, waterings can be cut back, as the roots are sunk and can find ground water.
The question of when to plant fruit trees really depends on climate. The general rules are: You should not plant fruit trees when the ground is frozen, when the peak daytime temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or when the forecast shows extreme weather (i.e. a tornado warning). Aside from those rules, the suggested planting times are either fall (which most people recommend) or spring (for bare-root trees).
There are many kits sold on the market that measure soil pH levels. Dyes, test strips, and electronic pH meters are all formulated to assist the home gardener. Many people choose to simply shake up soil and distilled water, and then measure the pH with a hand-held meter However, some people consider this method not very useful, and suggest using a lab for greater accuracy.

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