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By: malena519
Bike Bling
I am the un-proud owner of an InSTEP jogging stroller. One of the inner tubes busted. We were unable to fix it, so we needed to replace the inner tube. Turns out that the size 10 x 2" is a rather unusual size. The manufacturer InSTEP apologized to us, stating that they did not offer replacement tubes that size. Well, thank you very much for the "outstanding" customer service, IN STEP!Anyhow, I called around and must have spoken to personnel at least 30 local bike and scooter shops. Bike Bling was only 1 of 2 shops who offered to come up with a solution and make my stroller functional again. The intense research to see if one of their distributors had a 10" in stock turned out negative. But they didn't give up on me just yet. Their recommendation was to use a 12" and make that work. To make a long story short - I took the stroller in, they put in the tube for me, pumped it up and $4 and 5 minutes later I was out the door.Take a good look at that outstanding customer service, InSTEP! This is how you get returning customers!Thank you so much, Bike Bling!Maren in Escondido
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By: Eric K.
Cool Scooters won us over! Their brands are comparable to the more expensive well know brands. Reviews show SYM are one of the best and Cool Scoots has lots of models... Don't wait. We bought two! Great accessories too... these folks know what they are doing.

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