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By: Yvette L.
Toddler Town
I had a hard time looking for a good center that was close to my work, tuition that was at a good price ,the surrounding area, and especially to feel comfortable for my little guy to be there. I found this center out of the blue and this is and was a very happy choice for my toddler. We have had a problem with a center in another town with my first born and I could not face having to go through what he went through with my second child. So at first I was hesitant and nervous leaving my toddler at Toddler Town, It was day after day he started to get more and more comfortable till one day I dropped him off and he just wasnt "clingy" :-) as most toddlers do when they go into another ones arms. He was very comfortable and happy. He started to talk more and say HI and BYE to everyone that was in the room. We live in Temecula so on our drive home he will talk the whole way home. Started to point out the car window and saying Tree, Car,blue , red. all sorts of things. Which me and my husband were very proud ,happy and more comfortable with choosing Toddler Town. All the Teachers, Miss April, Mss Andy, and Miss Raquel if it wasnt for Toddler town being so wondeful to my little guy he probably wouldnt of been able to learn what he learned and be happy about it. Ms Raquel was his teacher and she is just so faboluous. Sadly I had to pull him out of the center because Happily, i got the opportunity to work from home so I wouldnt be driving to Escondido 5 days out of the week so he would be home with me and going to PreK where we live. I cried when I picked up my son on his last day at Toddler Town because we will all miss them so much and I know they will miss him as well ... I consider this place a very pleasant place. Very playful and safe!
By: Rachael P.
Montessori Children's School
I have a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old son who have both attended Montessori Children’s School located in Escondido, CA. My daughter went to the school for nearly two years, while my son attended for about a year. Prior to attending MCS, we tried a different preschool. Also, we have since moved away from MCS, so both children now attend different schools. I only mention this because I feel I have other schools for which to compare MCS. Our experience could not have been better while at MCS. Wendy, the school director, is very caring, patient, respectful and considerate toward the children. She provides structure and a great teaching environment while at the same time allowing the children to be children. Wendy also has a knack for selecting only the best teachers who emulate these same qualities mentioned above. My daughter, to this day, misses the school, her friends, as well as her teachers. In fact, she is always asking if we can FaceTime Miss Wendy. I only wish we were lucky enough to have a MCS school where we now live. I would recommend this school to anyone who asks!
By: beensinging
Escondido Adventist Academy
This is a great safe place to send your children for a good quality christian education. Our children are so happy here and they are getting great grades. We love the dedicated staff that go the extra mile for our family.

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