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By: Nina K.
David J. Johnson Ph.D.
I have been a patient of Dr. Johnson's for 3 months now, which is a big deal for me because that is the longest I have met with any psychologist. I regret not having gone to him in my teens when my anxiety really began to surface. I like how Dr. Johnson is personable and doesn't just throw info at me like a robot. Maybe you would have preferred a robotic psychologist for your son, Lisa R., but it made going to therapy a chore for me in the past. In the end, like Alex U. said, you have done your son a disservice. One visit is not giving Dr. Johnson a chance, and it's not enough reason to get all dramatic on the internet with ALL CAPS EXCLAMATIONS lol! I hope you do get help for your son however, and allow him the chance to be treated this time.
By: Peggy G.
David J. Johnson Ph.D.
I have had many therapists in the past, and I am so happy that Dr. Johnson's approach to getting to know me, was to let me get to know him first. How is he supposed to correctly diagnose a person who is in pain if they are in too much pain to tell him what hurts?? Lisa R., I am praying that you find a Dr. who can help you and your son, as you clearly have a few issues of your own. Sometimes it does take diffrent ones to find help, and you don't have to resort to social media to verbally abuse them like you have here. I agree with the majority of his patients. Dr. J has helped me more than even he knows, and we're kind of protective of that.
By: Alex U.
David J. Johnson Ph.D.
I Am A 16 Year-Old Male Who Has Been Seeing Dr. Johnson For 2+ Years. Like Anything You Have To Give It/Him A Chance, I Would Say That He Saved My Life A Few Times, Not To Mention My Mind. I Feel Bad For Your Son - That He Didn't Have A Chance To Work With Dr. Johnson... He Would Have Really Benefitted From The Experience. --Alex U.

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