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By: nancy.emch.9
Tops Friendly Market
Picked up a package of sliced pepperoni, mold everywhere. Looked at strawberries, nearly every package had molded or unripe berries. Looked at tomatoes, could hardly get near them for all the rotten ones and fruitflies hovering around them. Bought a bag of potatoes last week, nearly every one had black rotten spots all the way through them. Was going to buy a block of cheese, green with mold on one end. And the bakery--flies inside the glass case makes any purchase there out of the question.About the only thing I can USUALLY trust anymore are the frozen foods, but have even had problems there. I bought ice cream that looked like it had melted and was refrozen and tasted just awful. Is no one checking this merchandise??? Gross. I have been shopping at this location for many many years and it's very convenient to where I live. But its no longer "convenient" if I cannot buy produce or must throw out many dollars worth of food.The managers of this store had better get their act together or they will soon be losing many customers. My friends and neighbors have all had the same experiences. I have only shopped at the Liberty Street location, so I have no idea if this is occurring at the other Tops Markets. I only know that convenient or not, I will be taking my business elsewhere unless improvements are made in this store. I am one unhappy customer.
By: maryj1960
Your Hometown Pharmacy
Your Hometown Pharmacy is the greatest.. Prices are reasonable particularly on prescriptions not covered by insurance. The only suggestion I have is it would be great if you could reorder prescriptions on line, so they could be ordered before you leave for work and be ready when you get off work. They already have fast service, and pleasant employees that are willing to help with everything. I highly recommend Your Hometown Pharmacy.
By: meganreneeslater
Fast and always in stock!

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