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  • 1.Asian Supermarket

    418 E 21st St


    1.09 mi

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By: Chris G.
Erie County Farms
I wish they would start printing there ads in the penny saver again. Trying to find a web site for there weekly ad is wasteful, so far 30 web sites, no ad
By: Dani F.
Erie County Farms
Erie county farms should remove their # from the public since it has been my experience they do not want you calling!! Called just and asked a question that took less than 2 seconds and instead of being polite I was hung up on without an even "have a nice day" reciprocated. Apparently customer business is not needed and infact inconvenient!
By: Jarka P.
Erie County Farms
Amazing prices for quality fresh food including some ethnic foods. Everything is priced extremely well and because it goes off the shelves so fast, it needs constant restocking...everything is fresh and hasn't sat around forever like at some other places (the employees there are fast, this may add to it appearing hectic but makes for good service). Wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. A huge wall of cheeses and many meats/seafood. Yes (as mentioned by the previous review) it can get crowded at times but this is because their food is so sought after. The meat coolers sometimes seem low but the butcher is prepping the meats right as people shop, everything is cut fresh, all you need to do is ask the meat attendant what you're looking for if it isn't out at the time (that's why he is there) and he lets the butcher know to get it ready while you do your other shopping. Also, though I myself am vegetarian, it is worth noting that regularly they have organic or antibiotic-free chicken at amazing prices. Also, you can pre-order whole pigs or turkeys and such, especially prior to holidays. My elderly mom loves the store. She has mobility issues and is terminally ill but is more then willing to look past the occasional crowded conditions to be able to shop there and get her quality meats. Me, I go there for the veggies and fruit and I love that they carry ethnic foods/spices :) We drive a whole hour just to get there, it's that much worth it :)
By: Patricia H.
Erie County Farms
This store is horrible. People are going every which way with buggies, standing in aisles and in front of cases so you can't see what is in them. THey need to put arrows down on floor and have aisles up one down the next then maybe you could shop there. I had to leave. I got 4 things and left could not stand the mess. Couldn't get into cases to shop so what was the purpose of it. ALso they were out of almost all the meat. If you would do something about the shopping mess I would think about going back not until then.
By: khalstead
Erie Oriental Market
Love this store. They have a wide variety of gluten free noodles at bargain prices. You can buy over a pound of noodles for under $2 and they are fabulous. Not slimy, like the corn based noodles on the market. This store also has a really nice selection of authentic chinese groceries included quite a selection of frozen seafood and other meats. My kids love the large selection of real chinese candy, including jelly candies, snack foods, gummies, and rice candy (our favorite). Definitely check the place out, the staff is very courteous and quick to offer help.
By: nancy.emch.9
Tops Friendly Market
Picked up a package of sliced pepperoni, mold everywhere. Looked at strawberries, nearly every package had molded or unripe berries. Looked at tomatoes, could hardly get near them for all the rotten ones and fruitflies hovering around them. Bought a bag of potatoes last week, nearly every one had black rotten spots all the way through them. Was going to buy a block of cheese, green with mold on one end. And the bakery--flies inside the glass case makes any purchase there out of the question.About the only thing I can USUALLY trust anymore are the frozen foods, but have even had problems there. I bought ice cream that looked like it had melted and was refrozen and tasted just awful. Is no one checking this merchandise??? Gross. I have been shopping at this location for many many years and it's very convenient to where I live. But its no longer "convenient" if I cannot buy produce or must throw out many dollars worth of food.The managers of this store had better get their act together or they will soon be losing many customers. My friends and neighbors have all had the same experiences. I have only shopped at the Liberty Street location, so I have no idea if this is occurring at the other Tops Markets. I only know that convenient or not, I will be taking my business elsewhere unless improvements are made in this store. I am one unhappy customer.
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By: megan.nolan.182
Farrell's Market
Great place to grab stuff on the go! Scotty is a great guy who is always willinb to work with people.

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