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By: Tanner B.
Bill's Outdoor Sports
Kinda surprised by all the low ratings. I've never had a bad experience at bills. Bought a few guns there and have done a few online transfers, never had a problem.
By: Marc G.
Bill's Outdoor Sports
TERRIBLE customer service. Very rude employees. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Most of the people I talk to have had similar bad experiences also. Not to mention that there prices are high also.
By: Erik V.
Bill's Outdoor Sports
Inconsistent Sales PolicyI went to Bill's Outdoor Sports a few months ago looking for a concealed carry holster (the one that fits inside your pants). I just recently obtained my Concealed Carry License and began to try out my "new" holster. After just one day of using it, the product (one with only 1 buckle) kept "grabbing" the gun after drawing it and I would be left with the entire holster still around the gun, thereby ripping the holster right off of my hip. Plus, the holster itself wasn't very comfortable to wear at either the 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock positions. So, here's where the Enoids come in to play:I asked the woman at the desk when I first bought it if I could return it free of charge. She said yes, I could. She even mentioned I didn't have to have the package OR the receipt when I returned it because they had packages in the back and they know what they carry. Well, fast forward to today (because Wednesday I tried to conceal carry the gun with the worst holster known to man): I talked to Bryan (which I guess was the store manager or maybe the head of the idiots, I don't really know) and I fully explained my situation regarding the holster, the gun, and everything else. He said he is "willing to work with me" in trying to get in-store credit or a refund. He mentioned that I needed the original package the holster from Hell came in (completely divergent of his other employee's policy). He later goes on to mention how I am apparently not wearing the holster right and this is how to wear it (and subsequently shows me how to wear the holster... really?!!??) At the end of our discussion, he says he simply can't sell it because it needs to be in its package in order to resale it. Does a holster REALLY need to be in its original package in order to be resold? Could I just make a package with what gun type the holster is "supposed" to fit? This seems very, at the end of the day, I am out $10 to, in my opinion, a bunch of crooks and inbred from this sick and despicable joke of a state called JOKElahoma. Or, oklaHOMO. or, whatever other derogatory name you want to call Enid, Enoid, Inbred, etc. This isn't the first time I have had such bad customer service in this state (look at my posts about Freddy's and Harsh firearms if you want any proof that this is NOT an isolated incident). This state and how it conducts business is so deplorable, so against common sense and proper customer service, run by a bunch of inbred redneck slave supporting racists, that I am glad that I will be leaving this state shortly, never to return to this hellhole!
By: Greg I.
Bill's Outdoor Sports
I'm a police officer in a small municipality around enid. I took my shotgun in one day to buy a new front sight for it. I unloaded the weapon and opened the slide before I got there but left the rounds in my side saddle on. When I walked in and handed my weapon to the owner with the chamber open and pointed upward, he jerked it out of my hands and told me "don't bring a loaded gun into my store". I explained that it was unloaded and that e could see as much by the way I handed it to him. I was then told that having rounds in a side saddle is a loaded firearm. He then preceded to tell me that "everyone that works here is armed and if someone walks in with their shotgun "loaded" as mine was, they might get shot by an employee". I then explained to him that I was a police officer (as if you could see the badge on my belt) and that we would not treat that as a loaded weapon. He stated to me the following "I don't care if you're a cop or not, no one is allowed to carry any loaded firearm, shotgun, rifle or pistol in here except employees because I don't trust anyone to carry responsibly. That means that Glock next to your badge isn't allowed either but I'll let it slide this time"So as not just a police officer but also a CCL permit holder, I cannot support a gun store that doesn't support or recognize the right to legally carry a firearm. Just my opinion but spend your money someplace that thinks your responsible enough to carry a weapon they sell.

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