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    This moving company and its owner are about to be sued for fraud and theft. Their licenses are oveno good. The DOT state they are not authorized to do moves in california. THEY HAVE NO INSURance. They stole every single item I stored with them after I moved my business. Over 100k worth of inventory and goods. They blocked me from calling their number and do not respond to LAPD detectives who try and call them. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. On top of everything, they charged my credit card for storage fees after stealing all of my belongings. They are the biggest bunch of scam artists and have messed with the very wrong person. They have no idea what they face legally, but they will soon learn. They are theives. Do not let them steal your belongings too.

  • Herd of Buffaloes Couldn't Have Been Worse
    Jaci S

    Read the one star reviews PLEASE , everyone! They broke stuff, damaged stuff (including a $3000 designer chair), lost stuff, and, despite offering a packing service, wrapped glass and china in kitchen paper . . . They wrecked my refrigerator trying to get it though a door it couldn't get through . . . They have ignored my insurance claim and, four months on, despite promises that they would sort things, including my claim and compensation, I have heard nothing. Ill equipped, incompetent, unscrupulous (while SEEMING very nice on the day), they just do not offer a professional service. They are not even average amateurs. Legal action appears to be the only way forward. All of us with complaints really have to voice this very, very loudly, so that others do not get conned.

  • Highly Deceptive Moving Company

    My experience with Green Buffalo Moving is not one I would want others to go through. David was quick to call me back when I was ordering service, but now that I need the damaged walls repaired, he is suddenly silent. I have emailed and called for over a month now and no response. This is not as advertised a ""trustworthy"" business at all. It is very misleading. I should have held back a large part of the money I paid them until the repair was completed, but I did not think Green Buffalo Moving would do this. They have misled me and now I have to figure out how to legally get them to cover their damages. As I read other reviews, I realize there are others suffering the same fate and worse. Do not trust this company. Their low rates are just bait.

  • Terrible Service, No Show

    This company promised to be at the house between 6:30 and 7:30pm. At 7:45pm I called to find out where they were. I was informed that the driver had been stuck in traffic but was now 10 minutes away and would call me. He never called, he never showed. I waited for 3 hours before giving up. Waste of time and I should charge THEM for it. :(

  • Green Buffalo Moving

    They broke the glass on my conference room table and as it broke the large pieces of glass speared the floor a dozen times and caused damage. They were only moving that table, it is ruined as is the floor. And as is the experience of many they refuse to return calls. I have been able to get them on the phone twice posing as a person needing their services. They said they flled a claim with their insurance- Progressive. They refuse to cooperate with Progessive and will not return their calls either. Spread the work- they are HORRIBLE!


    This company deserves no stars and should be reported to the better business bureau. I spoke to someone named Alex and he assured me that there would be adequate movers, blankets bubble wrap etc to move my condo from Tustin to a townhouse in Orange. I informed him that it was a two floor split level we would be moving to and he said no problem. I also told him that I need to book the elevator at my condo so to be sure to be there by the right time as it is a Friday and there might be traffic. We discussed everything....or so I thought and I was literally patting myself on the back for finding a mover that might actually be reliable and trustworthy.

    Oh, I have to note that I had just moved into this place 2 years earlier and had REALLY professional movers, strong and trustworthy and didnt have any hidden costs. They blanket wrapped my furniture and did not require me to move any of my clothes out of the dressers.

    Back to the crappy guys....

    They arrived late and tired and complained when I asked them to take off there shoes in my condo. They only had 7 blankets to wrap furniture and wrapped none of it while taking it down the elevator. They also didnt have the floor coverings to protect the NEW carpet from dirt!!!

    Long story but basically they couldn't fit all my stuff in the truck they brought. Most of my bedroom furniture is damaged and when they arrived at my townhouse they wouldnt unload my furniture until I gave them $80 more for having to go up stairs in a townhouse....this was totally discussed ahead of time!!!!!

    Anyways, just dont book them at all!!!!!

  • Green Buffalos are liars, thieves and vandals

    The worst moving experience of my life occurred recently with Green Buffalo ~ and, I have moved a few times in recent years. The only thing good about this company is their website, which totally sucked me in. I sincerely believe that Green Buffalo's positive reviews were posted by (ta-da!) Green Buffalo themselves! Save yourselves and your possessions and hire someone (anyone!) else to do your move. They severely damaged ALL of our furnishings (save for two chairs that somehow escaped). Many of our valuable items disappeared, including my husband's $4000 guitar. Sergey Takanov, the owner, claims these things were ""merely misplaced"", though it's been three months since our move and they still have not shown up. I believe that they were stolen. GB provided delapidated worn out packing boxes. They packed the truck like it was trash. They violated the contract by sending only two workers to do the entire move when the contract stated there would be three. This resulted in the move starting in the AM and going on until midnight, with a return the following morning to complete the job. Our lossess at the hands of this company (damaged and missing items) totals about $25,000. They have offered us $200 (yes, $200, not a typo). No one should find themselves doing business with such unscrupulous people. Green Buffalo's main form of business is taking advantage of unsuspecting people.

  • Great Movers All Around

    Salespeople- AMAZING. Patient. Helpful. Honest. Very well informed.
    Movers- Skilled. Speedy. Courteous.
    Rates- Considering everything stated above, much more than reasonable.

    They've earned my repeat business without a doubt.


    To start off, the prices were unbeatable. This company really does include packing supplies, assembly, and everything else that they mention to you. The movers were very prompt and friendly. I signed the contract and man did they get to work in a hurry. They didn't take any breaks to the point where I almost felt bad, but they were in wonderful shape and were very knowledgeable on how to get my piano down two flights of stairs. I was expecting at least some damage, to be honest, but was pleasantly surprised. I would absolutely be happy to refer GBM to anyone.

  • Good Price and Service

    I moved with the bufalo guys last week and everything went pretty well. Everyone from this company is extremely nice and helpful and really do make an effort to make customers happy, which I didn't expect from any moving company. I'm not sure if the move could've been done faster because it did take almost a full day, but the workers were very professional and seemed to know what they were doing. Their rates were pretty low, so I was satisfied. If you are looking for a good company that will work with you and is concerned about keeping their customers happy, Green Buffalo Moving is the way to go.

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