By: gary_
Midori Sushi Restaurant
First of all I have been going to Midori for almost five years, I have never been disappointed. I love this restaurant. They have excellent food, good price, and great service. Every time my family and I go there we always leave with full stomachs and smiles on our faces. You know those times where you take a bite of something and the sides of your cheeks hurt from the flavor pop? My favorites are Sumo Maki, Pink Lady and Red Dragon. This is it! I have never been disappointed dining here. Not once. Also, treat yourself to a Roberto Martini... you'll LOVE IT!The waiters/ waitresses try their best to provide us with the best service they can. Even when they get really busy, they always stay on the move and try to be a proficient as possible.
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By: John V.
Midori Sushi Restaurant
I can't get enough of all you can eat sushi!!!This is 1 of 3 locations that is owned by 1 owner.Mrs. Kim, you rock!!!
By: Camille J.
Makoto Sushi
I like this place and they sushi. One of the best sushi places. It's sooo good. Great service as well.

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