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By: latonyawindsormill
Majestik Braiding
This was my first time going to Majestik Braiding. The owner of Majestik Braiding (Mariem is really, really nice and the braider who did my Senegalese twists did a very good job. However, they are a little expensive and my overall experience could have been better.I called on Friday for an appointment and made one for Saturday morning at 8:00. Great! When I get there at 8, Mariem tells me that my braider is running late. Okay, fine. As I am waiting, I notice that credit card transactions are an additional $8. The website states that the shop accepts credit cards, but doesn’t mention the fee. Because you’re only given a starting price for the braid style you want, paying with a bank card instead of cash is easier. Because I didn’t want to pay the $8 fee, I decided to run to the ATM to get cash. I get back and still no braider. Mariem, then, tells me that the braider called in sick and asks if I can come back the next day. She tells me the “bad news” in a very nice way, where I can’t really be mad with her. Think of those syrupy, sweet people that you want to stay mad with but can’t. That’s her. Regardless, I still have to tell her: Uum….No. If I wanted an appointment for Sunday, I would have booked one for Sunday. I am a very reasonable person, but I had plans for that evening and the next day. So she asks me if I can come back at 2 and all of the braiders there would do my hair so it wouldn’t take that long. Having no real choice other than going elsewhere, I said okay and went home. At about 12:30 she calls and says that she has one of her best braiders coming in and asks me if I can be there by 1:30. I get there at 1:30 and show the braider the style I want (small, bra strap-length Senegalese twists) and of course get quoted the highest price of the price range for the twists. However, I am given a $20 discount for the earlier inconvenience. So the braider gets the packages of hair together for my twists and then says that she’ll start after she takes lunch. Alright, fine. I understand that people have to eat when they’re hungry, but couldn’t she have done that before I got there or told me to show up at 2 instead of 1:30. At this point, I’m thinking that this probably isn’t going to work out so well, but I just sit there anyway hoping for the best. So the braider starts braiding and she’s using hair spray (at least I think it was hairspray). I found this interesting since I’ve never had hair spray used in my Senegalese twists before, but whatever. She finishes up at about 7:30 with a little help from the other braiders as far as cleaning up the braids. The braids were tight enough, but not overly tight, but hard (most likely from the hairspray). I also noticed that the braider twisted the hair almost all of the way down. Most places only go about ¾ of the way down, if that. That was a plus. I paid the set costs. To be honest, I would have given the braider a tip, but the price for the style seemed expensive to me already. Before I left Mariam, again, apologized for the inconvenience and gave me a hug. My twists looked really good after she was done. I never decide if I like or don’t like my hair on the first day, because I like to let things settle. It’s been about a 1 ½ weeks, and I must say that I really like them and that I’ve received lots of compliments on them. They were, however, about $60 more than what I normally pay for Senegalese twists. Now, the website says that there is no breakage with their braiding technique. I’ll have to see about that when I take the twists out in a couple of months. Although my experience wasn’t totally positive, I really do like my hair and would consider going back. I wish I knew the braiders name, because I'd request her for any future services. Sorry for the long review.
By: firsttimeclient
Majestik Braiding
I was looking for a low maintenance protective style for vacation and found Majestik online. My first impressions were extremely positive from the initial phone conversation with Miriam to her willingness to return to the salon to speak with me personally although she had already left for the day (late on a Saturday). I showed her a picture of the cornrow style I wanted - simple yet versatile cornrows with extensions leading into a ponytail/bun. I was leaving on Tuesday, so her stylist offered to stay late to braid my hair the same evening! They were all very pleasant and accommodating. Concerned that I would not be able to communicate with the stylist (due to language barrier), I was sure to share have her relay that I am very tender headed. The process was painful, but that was to be expected. The stylist tried to be gentle, but my head was throbbing. I even had her redo one braid a couple of times because it was unbearably tight. She worked quickly, my braids looked great, and I thought the price was reasonable for the work involved. However, I became concerned when the soreness did not resolve over the next couple of days. I had already planned to place a follow up call to Miriam, the owner, to thank her again for being so willing to take me at the last minute and to tell her how great the stylists had been to me despite their unexpectedly late workday. I mentioned that the braids were extremely tight and painful and asked how to loosen them. She advised me to spray with oil sheen and give it a couple of days. I couldn't sleep on them or touch certain areas and I noticed little bumps appearing around my hairline during my trip. (I've never had those...not even as a kid!) Unfortunately, I didn't find comfort until I removed the braids. I only wore them for a week, but my edges are badly broken all the way across the front of my previously healthy hairline. I think it should be a practice to be gentle with delicate areas like edges. I believe in giving a completely honest review so I have to say...I'm torn. The owner and stylists were great to work with and I got many compliments on my hair. If the braids hadn't been so tight, this would have been a 5-star review. I also wonder if human hair would be a better option than synthetic for preserving healthy hair. I wasn't given an option but this is something that I may consider if I decide to cornrow my hair in the future.
By: ree.martin.5
Majestik Braiding
Before I got my hair braided here I got three different quotes for the price of my hair (including the price on the website). My hair stylist was one hour late. For the first 15 minutes I had to wait outside in my car, then someone came to open the shop but I still had to wait for my stylist. When she arrived, we discussed the price once again. Apparently, we didn t agree on what was considered long because I believe I was charged too much(for braids that just past my shoulder). I do not like how she parted my hair; I felt like she was being lazy and was trying to find a shortcut. The parts are big and uneven and the braids start big and end thin. Quite a few strands of my hair was left out (especially in the back), which doesn t look nice when I put my hair up. And, because my hair is natural, when she dipped my braids in the hot water it caused my natural hair to poof up and visibly stick out through the braids. The stylists were very nice and I liked the environment for the most part, but I ve had way neater braids for much more affordables prices in my day.
By: wandoe
Majestik Braiding
I love Majestik Braiding! My sister and I have both been coming here for years. The price is perfect and the hair always looks great. I always get a hair weave and I have thin, coarse hair. But unlike other places I have gotten my hair done, (Mariem --the owner) always makes me feel welcome, beautiful and comfortable. I know it's more trouble to do my hair, and at other places i have been to, the women working on my hair always make rude comments and make fun of my hair and grunt like it's the end of the world. But Mariem is so nice, understanding and always cares about her customers' feelings beyond just the business and getting them in and out, unlike most salons. I love her!And the room is very comfortable. The chairs don't hurt to sit in for hours and hours. Mariem will offer you coffee or food. And there is a huge flat screen tv for entertainment. Also, the bathroom is clean and there is pleasant aura about the room. It feels like getting your hair done at your home, not some cold, all-about-business salon.
By: joanellicottcity
Majestik Braiding
I get my hair braided every 2 months. I was going to a place in the mall. I was not happy with the service I had recieved, so I decided to try this Majestik Braiding that was recommented to me located on Baltimore National Pike which is 10 minutes from my home. To my surprise they were very friendly, the place was so clean even the bathroom. They made sure I was comfortable and my braids weren't too tight. They made sure I was pleased with my braids before they collected the money. And they also take all major credit cards. I was very happy with my braids, they were on time and started right away. They were the best!!!!
By: tieratd
Majestik Braiding
I was low on cash and my hair was untamable. I called Majestik Braiding @ 6pm, last minute,needing my hair done, hoping they could squeeze in me. Mariam kindly told me she was braiding her and to call her back in a couple of hours. Desperate, I did just that. I was in and out of her salon in just a matter of hours with long gorgeous individual braids, they are nice and tight, my edges look great, and the best thing, i feel. NO PAIN.She was extremely kind hearted, and very helpful, just to say the least. I would encourage everyone who gets braids to come to Majestik Braiding. Thanks again!!
By: Tiffany P.
Majestik Braiding
I got my hair braided here last summer. The best braids I've ever gotten. I got micros and they lasted 3 months. The ladies here are so nice they make sure you are comfortable (they even offer you free water). They have a TV so you aren't bored and they are quick yet efficient. This is going to be my new braiding place and i highly recommend them. Just make sure you know that if you are paying with a card there will be a fee.
By: tamara.stewart.501
Majestik Braiding
I have visited Majestik twice and was pleased with each visit. I found them online when another braiding salon overbooked and after booking my appt online Majestik was able to take me the same day. Miriam the owner is kind and very sincere, which makes the experience relaxing. The prices are affordable, but not cheap. However, I am willing to pay extra for quality. Give them a visit, you will not be disappointed!
By: Brittany J.
Majestik Braiding
Mariam box braided my hair and it looks great! I had never gotten highlights before but when she suggested it, I said what the heck. The color looks soooo good. She is a very nice woman who actually cares about what's going on in your life. She makes conversation so you don't get bored and she even gives you something to drink. Prices are fair and the braids weren't too tight. Definitely going back again!
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By: Christine J.
Majestik Braiding
Majestik Hair Braiding is the place to go for all braiding hairstyles! I just got my box braids from there last week, and not only did they accommodate me in my lack of making an appointment before the day of, but they were so warm and loving. Miriam finished my box braids in about 5 hours, and the length is to my lower back! If you want to see any pics go to my facebook page! I will definitely go back!

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