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By: beth.a.dickinson
Papa John's Pizza
Among the competing pizza delivery franchises of Elizabeth city, Papa Johns is most likely to deliver your pizza within a reasonable amount of time. Let me explain. In EC your choices are Dominoes, Pizza hut and Papa Johns. I've ordered a lot of pizza in my 10 years of living here, most of the time I ordered carry out because i was too cheap to pay a delivery fee. I've seen the inner workings of these places. For a long time i loves dominoes' bread-crusty dough so i was exclusive to them for a few years. Dominoes was always a mess. They are located in a crappy part of town, so you have to be buzzed in if you are picking up. No one knows how to work the register for take outs. Guy has to ask the manager for a key. God forbid you pay with a credit card. You have to sign the receipt and no one has a pen. Guy has to ask the delivery driver if he could look in his car for a pen. Meanwhile the manager is screaming at her employees, "there are dozens of people right outside who could take your job!" blah blah. When I would get delivery it was 45 mins-ish. not very consistent.Pizza hut we tried cause the deep dish is awesome. But keep in mind that their main business is the sit-in restaurant. I felt second priority. I called in an order, went to the restaurant and sat for ages in a nearly empty restaurant waiting for it. I called for delivery once and had to call to ask them where the F was it, and then they went to my neighbors house and i had to yell for them across the street. Next time they got my order wrong. And then they suddenly enacted a policy where the delivery people need to take your credit card and rub the last 4 digits on their merchants receipt. I was so suspicious that the teenager before me was trying to steal my credidt card number. but it turns out its corporate policy. why do they need to do this? weird.Papa johns does none of this. I've done pick up, and they are always professional; just like any other fast food joint you go to. Pizza is fine. Delivery is consistently fast. I always think, holy crap, they're here already? I've never once thought where the F are they. One time I ordered pizza online just so that my boyfriend and I would have time to go to the bedroom. The pizza came just when I stepped into the shower. Oh my goodness! I should have ordered dominoes. lol.If you have a certain taste for a certain brand of pizza you are on your own. but if you want to deal with a professional business, Papa johns.
By: Theresa U.
Papa John's Pizza
Since moving to Elizabeth City a few months ago we have ordered for delivery every Friday night. Orders always arrive faster than confirmation estimates. Drivers ( we have had several ) are always polite (even before they are tipped). Orders are always correct. If every business I dealt with went this smoothly - life would be pretty easy.

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