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By: Maria Q.
Physician's Vascular Services
I saw Dr. Furlong and Dr. Cook during my treatment, and I was very happy with what they did for me. What led me to their clinic was that I had poor circulation in my legs, leading to pain and contributing to my legs feeling very tired most of the time. And all of these conditions greatly improved with the treatment. They did great for me. And I want to especially thank Margie, my nurse. She was so kind and patient and always explained everything.
By: Dora E.
Physician's Vascular Services
What I noticed after my year of therapy was not only less pain and poofiness. But also I didn't realize how tired my legs were before. Looking back, I used to wonder why I always felt like I had just gone for a run, or my legs just felt weak. But now my legs feel so energized. It is just wonderful now. I loved working with all the doctors, Cook, Medina, and Furlong. They and their staff are truly amazing in how they helped me.
By: Monica D.
Physician's Vascular Services
I really appreciate the frequent reminders of appointments so I don't forget. And over the past 6 months I have noticed that not only is the pain and swelling decreased, but my legs aren't as restless anymore. It used to keep me up at night, but now I can sleep much more peacefully. All the techs that have worked on me have been fantastic, and I have been completely pleased with both Dr. Furlong and Dr. Medina.
By: Fernanda C.
Physician's Vascular Services
The pain, swelling and ugly appearance of my legs finally became more than I could bare. So about a year ago I started seeing Dr. Medina. And he has helped me so much. Everything is improving. And I love the fact that usually I don't have to wait long before my appointment starts. And even when I get into the appointment, they run everything very efficiently because I get out pretty quickly too. Thank you!
By: Landon P.
Physician's Vascular Services
I had started to find myself with restless and aching legs at the end of my work shift everyday. I got checked out and I found that it was due to varicose veins. Physician's Vascular Services's treatment has been working fantastically and I've seen and felt a big difference. It's only been 2 months and I'm in less pain and able to sleep through the night. I feel great and owe it all to PVS!
By: Lizette perry ..
Physician's Vascular Services
My mom referred me to physician's vascular services. I decided to try them out and after a year of treatments, I've seen and felt a big change in my legs. They're don't feel as heavy and I know they'll just keep getting better as I continue the treatments. I really enjoy coming here too. The staff is always ready to help you out in any way they can.
By: Bailey S.
Physician's Vascular Services
Physician's Vascular Services on its own is a great clinic. But with everyone here working hard together as a team, the prep technician who's very gentle and helpful, and the office staff welcoming new customers and organizing all the insurance work; all these little things combined make Physician's Vascular an EXCELLENT clinic! They're the best!
By: Anacarino C.
Physician's Vascular Services
I used to always have a heaviness in my legs, but after receiving treatments from Dr. Medina, I've noticed how much lighter and free my legs are starting to feel. It's getting much easier to walk and I've noticed I've had more energy lately. I'm very comfortable with my doctor and would recommend him, this clinic, and staff strongly.
By: Valeria A.
Physician's Vascular Services
The wait is never more than 15 minutes to be seen by the doctor. The staff were very kind, attentive, courteous, and caring. The attendant who does the prep work is gentle and explains everything thoroughly and simply. We're always treated great and they're also great at working with us to resolve our insurance problems.
By: Brooke H.
Physician's Vascular Services
Usually when I go to PVS I don't have to wait long at all to be seen, maybe 10 minutes at the most...sometimes not even that long. The staff is so sweet, everyone of them. I feel very comfortable there, and always receive the best of care. I have been going for a long time and intend to continue. They are wonderful!

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