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By: Michelle J.
D K D Associates Inc
We rented from DKD Associates for over a year and never had any issues with getting necessary repairs completed. We liked the fact they had specific repair companies that we could call when a repair was necessary and were never denied any needed services. Sahara and Susana were always helpful every time I called and went out of their way to make sure that my concerns were handled promptly. We used the carpet cleaning company DKD had recommended and followed the check out requirements they listed when renting, and received our entire deposit within the 30 days. I know they are not perfect, however, Sahara and Susana always made it a pleasure to deal with DKD Associates. They are the reason I would recommend DKD Associates to anyone needing to rent a home.
By: gsimmons98
D K D Associates Inc
I am so glad that DKD Associates takes care of my property. It is definitely worth the management fee, as I would have to have dealt with my tenants bouncing checks, getting a citation from the city for them leaving trash in the yard and doing inspections of the property all myself. DKD takes care of me as an owner and I know that I never have to worry about my property because of DKD Associates working system.
By: garyyy12
D K D Associates Inc
I have been using DKD Associates since 2009. I have never had a problem with them during our4 years of working together. They are great with communication and being availble whenever you need them. They are wonderful at finding tenants right away and the renovate well. I definitely recommend DKD to anyone and everyone! They are a great business and will do whatever they can to help you out!
By: jenetr
D K D Associates Inc
The managers have always been available when I need them. They handle my concerns in a timely manner and are professional about what they do. I think the value of service is well worth my money. For all the records of my tenants and everything going on there is great attention to details. I have never had to worry about anything when I am away.
By: Trent D.
D K D Associates Inc
Choosing DKD Associates to manage my home has proven to be a good decision. They've had our service since 2010. In 6 years, there hasn't been more than 2 months of vacancy. They're awesome communicators, and I'm proud to say that I'm happy with them managing my property.
By: Ray F.
D K D Associates Inc
I have been living in my house I'm renting from them for a little over a year. And I have been very pleased with their service. They always get things attended to in a reasonable time-frame. Very polite and professional in the way they relate to their customers.
By: Allie L.
D K D Associates Inc
For almost 3 years I have lived in this house. And DKD has been the best landlord I have ever had. Every single one of their employees have been very pleasant to work with. And they always handle repairs very fast. I have been quite pleased.
By: Lisa O.
D K D Associates Inc
I've been very pleased with DKD Associate's management of my property. I'm very glad I decided to rent my home through DKD instead of selling. The extra income has been nice, and I've enjoyed working with DKD! It's been a great decision.
By: Brandon P.
D K D Associates Inc
During the year we have lived in our home we have found the staff to be very gracious and friendly. All the repairs they have taken care of for us have been done to our satisfaction. We have been very pleased with their management.
By: Becca H.
D K D Associates Inc
My house had been rented by DKD since 2010. In all these years, there has never been more than 2 months of vacancy. I appreciate the work they put in to keep it rented. This property management is wonderful and I'm happy with them.

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