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By: winfredlj
Washington Dental Clinic
Beware of the Insurance Pimps; I suffered from a killer tooth ache over the last Labor Day weekend. I went to this new dental care clinic, hoping for some relief. The only thing I wanted was to have the tooth removed. Why was I pressured in to having x-rays? And why would a tooth extraction cost 250.00 Dollars??? Then I was told that I would have to wait a few weeks for my insurance to approve this. Thank God for Washington dental clinic in Juarez. 20.00 Dollars and my bad tooth was gone…
By: dawnflori
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
I have gone to about twenty different doctors and dentists before I found Dr. Mundy and he is just amazing. I’ve highly recommended him to family and friends and would recommend him to anyone looking for a dentist. I love that I’m always seen within 5 minutes, I never have to wait longer than that. I have been going through extensive work in my mouth for a few years but they have made it as pleasant as possible. They’re excellent.
By: Samantha N.
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
I really appreciate the great service that Dr. Mundy and his staff offer. They're always very polite and very helpful. I had braces and throughout the whole process Dr. Mundy and the nurses were very gentle and even though it was painful at times, I know they were trying their hardest to keep me comfortable. I rate their services on top! :) There never really is a wait time and the customer service is really great.
By: moncook
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
Mundy Orthodontics is absolutely excellent! Their staff is both polite and courteous and I’ve never had to wait long before being seen. I have no complaints at all. It has been a very comfortable experience!
By: booneypat
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
No wait time at all! 5 min max. I went to Dr. Mundy to get braces and it went really really well! The wait time wasn’t long at all and all of the staff was very nice. Overall, their service was really great.
By: lemondolores
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
The staff is always great, no wait time, its really wonderful. I had to have different bands put in my mouth and the whole procedure went perfect! I hardly had any pain. Dr. Mundy amazing, I give them a 10.
user avatar
By: milagro g.
Smile Life Orthodontics
My son and I both were treated at Smile Life Orthodontics. We both had a great experience at the Far East location. All the staff were very friendly during our treatment. Keep up the good work!
By: Ruben S.
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
If i get there on time the doctor sees me right away. I've taken my kids there and my wife because I have always been pleased with them. Dr. Mundy is really nice and a great doctor!
By: Kylie M.
Mundy Teng Orthodontics
I waited only 5-6 minutes to be seen. They're always exceptionally polite, they remember your name, and always make us feel comfortable. I am 100% satisfied with their service!
user avatar
By: Myra F.
Sun Orthodontix
My daughter had a gross overbite. The hardware was placed on top and bottom teeth. She wore them for 2 years. We were happy with the end result.
Tips & Advices
While going to the orthodontist can be difficult, sometimes it's necessary. If you are concerned about tooth alignment, feel your jaw shift, or are experiencing problems like difficulty chewing or grinding your teeth, it's time to see an orthodontist.
There are generally three types of braces patients can be fitted for at the orthodontist:
  • The more traditional option, bands, wrap around most of a patient's tooth.
  • Brackets are the most popular, applied directly to the tooth in metal or plastic form.
  • Lingual braces are brackets attached to the back of teeth.
People of all ages can wear braces to straighten their teeth, but it is most common to be fitted for these adjustments between the ages of 10 and 14. This is the time when teeth are better able to be straightened because the head and mouth are still developing.
The American Board of Orthodontics recommends finding a dental specialist that is board-certified, offers free or reduced-price consultations, and displays qualities such as trustworthiness, ability to communicate effectively, and attentiveness.
Orthodontists must complete a four-year undergraduate program to gain admission to dental school. After earning a Doctor of Dental Science degree at an accredited four-year dental program, students must then either complete a post-degree training program or one to two years residency in orthodontics. Then they need to earn a state license in order to practice. Certain states also require board certification.

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