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By: Amanda Q.
Okazuri Floating Sushi East Side
Tried calling for about 45 minutes to place an order to pick up to which they never once answered. When I got there to do it in person, the place wasn't even busy and I was then told it would take 20-25mins for a squid salad and wings to be ready. I come here often and I love the food, but they have significantly gotten worse since they open. The workers have zero pride in their job, it seems. The phone rang while I was waiting and the man at the front came by and silenced it, never actually picking it up. When it rang later, it was again silenced and ignored by another worker. Needles to say, they're too inconvinced to do their job well that they ignore potential customers. Someone please hire new management, they need to get this place up to par with the location on the west side, caring and friendly staff, fast service, and no headache or disrespect.
By: acwn_designs
Hibachi Grill
Just recently opened, this place is a refreshing take on the other buffets we've been to recently. Out of everything they had, there was only a couple things we did not enjoy - the won ton soup and their chocolate/coffee cake. The won tons in the soup were very doughy with only a little meat and the cake was very coffee flavored. The dessert section was a little lacking in selection, but everything else really made up for it. The dinner hour has sea food, including crawfish and crab. Their pan fried dumplings were FANTASTIC. The best part was when we paid our tab, we spoke to the owner (who also rang us up). He was very enthusiastic and excited about his new business, asked what we thought of his food and was thrilled when we said we greatly enjoyed it and would be back soon. Our waiter was also very kind and attentive.
By: theblackorean
2nd Base Bar and Grill
I don't know what eakers is talking about! I just went to Rockstar Sushi and it was phenomenal. There are over 30 items on the menu now. I tried the luxy roll, fried california roll, incredible roll, dumplings, sliders, and their crème brûlée. All were absolutely fantastic. I would really recommend the incredible roll to people who love sushi. The atmosphere was awesome as well. It was very chic which is a breath of fresh air from the El Paso norm. But after 10:30pm the atmosphere changes to a club scene - and even that is done A LOT better than most clubs in El Paso. I was shocked to see the rating on this. I don't know what it was like a year ago, but it's amazing now. =]
By: Helena O.
Sumo Sushi
Favorite place to go for sushi in El Paso! As a regular, the owners and staff seem to recognize me and are very friendly. They serve complimentary miso soup which is very good, and the sushi usually comes out quick- sometimes even faster than the appetizers. The fish is always fresh, and for only 40 dollars on the medium sashimi, you get nearly 50 pieces of fish. Overall, excellent place.
By: laurad8
I travel a lot on business and love to try local restaurants. This one has had great food each time I have been here. The steak cocktail is delicious. It is on the starter menu, but I would recommend it as an entree. The shrimp entree was great as well-with shrimp the size of small lobsters! Get there before 8 if you want to dine as it gets busy with college folks later at night.
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By: Matt E.
Japanese Crepe House
The food was very reasonably priced, good service, very polite, clean bathroom, came to ask how the food was, around good. Lol my old comment would be give the customers an option to have the crepe wrapped to go like how the picture on the door shows. After all that is how there sold on the streets of Japan. Good flavor, very close to the real deal.
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By: desireehunnicutt
Hamachi Sushi
AWESOME! Fresh, delicious, awesome sushi! I personally love the Jessica roll as well as their tempura. The take out is always fresh as well (worth the wait!). We'll order ahead for business parties and it's fresh and delicious, even through board meetings.AWESOME! Did I already say that? ^^
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By: Katherine G.
Sunny's Sushi
The tempura was not a light crispy batter but a thick breafing. The sushi rolls were less than mediocre. The udon noodle soup was the best thing we tried. We are from Albuquerque but I travel the country for work and I have wayyyyy better sushi in much smaller cities.
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By: Andy L.
Sunny's Sushi
Found this place due to a recommendation from a friend. I'd about given up on sushi in El Paso until finding this place. Fish is super fresh and lunch specials are a great deal. Service is always great. They made me a regular.
By: Marissa R.
Sumo Sushi
I have been going to Sumo Sushi for 11 years and I have NEVER been disappointed with the service, quality of the food, price or cleanliness of the restaurant. It is the ONLY place I will go to eat sushi!

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