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By: Boxer luke bowers 8.
Military Trial Defenders
I gave him a call and he answered right away. Lance has a proven track record in the Air Force, serving many roles in the judicial system which gives him the advantage in every situation. He knows what and when everything is going on in the process of your investigation, pre-trial, and trial. Lance quickly gave me his expert opinion and I hired him. Within the first few days, he had built rapport with the prosecutor and had an idea of which way the investigation was going. Lance informed the prosecutor of some information that would change the course of everything. A few months later the non-prosecution (in my favor) memo was sent up and I was clear. Mr. Wood is certainly qualified for any and every job. As a male in the military, we are automatically guilty, so it makes things very difficult. If you find yourself in a terrible situation like this, give Lance a call and he will work hard by your side to win your case.
By: Ronan H.
Military Trial Defenders
Chris is the man. I know many people are looking for a knowledgeable military attorney (like I was), and I'm here to tell you you don't have to look any further than Chris. He's the best you'll ever find! This man will be there to answer your questions, and you won't believe how friendly he is. From the first time we met, I knew he was going to pull through for me. He has the confidence in himself to fight his hardest and he also reassured me every step of the way. He demonstrated courage and patience and helped me in these areas as well!
By: Lane M.
Military Trial Defenders
One good piece of advice: hire Chris if you need a military defense lawyer who knows what he's doing. I truly, TRULY appreciate and admire his complete willingness to address concerns and questions my family and I had throughout this entire process and situation. Also, Chris is extensively knowledgeable about the entire UCMJ process and I really believe that made a big difference in my case. He's an amazing lawyer for sure, but I definitely gained a great friend as well! Don't hesitate to hit this guy up.
By: Leonard F.
Military Trial Defenders
I hired him after the first phone call. He was so friendly and actually gave me the chance to explain the whole thing thoroughly (other attorneys wouldn't give me a chance). I realized a couple days later I couldn't have made a better decision. I'm so very happy to report he fought hard and was able to get the charge against me dismissed.
By: Ranger batts E.
Military Trial Defenders
I deeply appreciated Christopher's work. In the weeks leading up to my trial he was very sure to keep in contact with me. He is a very determined and driven man whom I've grown to deeply respect. By remaining dedicated to my case through all the difficulties made him so much more than just my advocate, he became my friend.
By: Marlo V.
Military Trial Defenders
I was able to completely count on him. You know, these things can go on for months, but I never got put on the backburner. He remained unbelievably responsive. If he wouldn't answer right away, he'd return my call ASAP. I would also email him with my questions and concerns, and he'd respond EVERY TIME.
By: Richard C.
Military Trial Defenders
When I hired Christopher, my situation was looking bleak from the beginning. I was devastated to see I had 6 drug charges to fight against. Christopher really helped motivate me, and we fought. The government withdrew their charges in the end, and I'm now a free man!
By: Nathan H.
Military Trial Defenders
Christopher was by far the best attorney in court. I hired a person I could trust. He was very honest with me, never over-promised or under-delivered. I respect this great attorney and great man.
By: Jermaine pierson 4.
Military Trial Defenders
This is the best attorney you'll find. Astounding acumen and very highly experienced. If anyone out there needs the jaws of life to resuscitate their career, I'd recommend him to you.

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