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By: Lainey L.
Rib Hut
Hands down the best BBQ place in El Paso, if not all of TX. The service was amazing, our server Marcus was very attentive and friendly. We came back a 2nd time and asked for him again. He remembered us and was thrilled we came back. The food is excellent. Really REALLY good quality meat. The brisket was so lean, hardly any fat on it at all. The sausage was absolutely delicious, and had perfect blackened edges and grill marks. Their BBQ sauce is a little tangy, so use sparingly just for extra flavor. But the meat hardly needs it anyway, and that's how you know it's good BBQ! The Esther spud was out of this world! Their chopped brisket is fantastic and so full of flavor. The Esther spud is big enough to be a meal by itself almost. The beef ribs are gigantic and really darn good. The second time we got burgers. They were awesome, we were not disappointed with anything at all. The Billy burger with Mac and cheese on top is a nice combination. Their Mac and cheese is super cheesy and delicious. It has sort of a glue-like texture, it's that thick! But it is the best. Their strawberry cheesecake is so good, and big enough to share with a 2nd person. My fiancé and I ended up in a fork war over it. They even had Woodchuck beer! The price was great for the amount of food and the quality. Overall Rib Hut is an awesome place. If we ever come back to El Paso that's where we'll be eating.
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By: Adam G.
Southern Smoke BBQ
We waited about 10 minutes before getting to the counter & when we did we couldn't decide what we wanted to eat; we asked the cashier what to expect. She gave us a rundown of the combo meals, platters, & sides. We decided on the Chicken Fried Steak with Fried Okra and Mashed Potatoes/Gravy and the 3 Meat with the Smoked Turkey, Brisket, Pork Ribs and Fried Okra, Mashed Potatoes/Gravy & Baked Beans. We also tried the Fried Catfish. The Chicken Fried Steak was tender & thick. My combo plate Brisket was tender and juicy; the Turkey was to die for; and the Ribs were very meaty. I put xtra BBQ on all the meats. The mashed potatoes were homemade, since there were pieces & skin inside. The white gravy was perfect. The Fried Okra was tender w/ a crisp coating. The baked beans were made with a smoky BBQ taste & appeared to have brisket and pulled pork. The Fried Catfish was coated in a breading that was crisp & it was tender. We will be back. Only problem, we still won't know what to order.
By: Rod R.
Rib Hut
My family went to the Rib Hut last night and we sampled the baby back ribs and the brisket snadwich. No complaints exccept two of the end ribs weren't fully cooked. Besides that the food was excellent and the rib sauce is the best in town. The waiter was prompt and took care of our needs as well. Channel 9 just happened to pop in and ask questions of us regarding the UTEP game that was playing and we got on the evening news! All in all I recommend the Rib Hut. They have the best ribs in town. Parking was a bit of a challenge but we were assisted by one of the employees guiding us into a parking space.
By: giana.garay
Texas Roadhouse
Great place to eat as long as you don't order a $10 salad.I was highly disappointed in both the food and service when I ordered a Chicken Critter Salad. The salad was a regular "house salad" and the chicken was all chopped up into smaller pieces. The service was bad. It took me asking 4 different people to bring me salad dressing, before I got it. So wasn't worth the money spent when had I ordered steak I would have also gotten a small house salad, and a side of broccoli & cauliflower for 50 cents more.
By: Odilia H.
Rib Hut
Beef Ribs - I am just leaving Rib Hut (again) and am completely satisfied! Coming in on Rib Night for $1.95 Beef Ribs is always risky because of the long waits but tonight I was in and out in just over an hour. I had some very hearty Ribs for the money. An overall great value and add to that great service! Don't miss it; so worth the wait!!!
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By: mrfaucetfix
Rudy's Country Store & Bar-B-Q
You could say I have tried the best . The meat is great don't forget to try the sausages side dishes are awesome in more of all drinks you name it they have it the people are enthusiastic to help you. The price you get what you paid for is worth every penny.
By: nicholas.rowland
Wing Daddys
Good food, great bar. Only problem is that they really make you feel like you have to leave well before closing. They start cleaning and packing everything way too early. Very uncomfortable. They need to stay open later.
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By: Lora H.
Aloha Hawaiian BBQ
Have to say I was upset when they messed up my order, but the manager who's name is didn't get was awesome redid my order. Truly appreciate it. I will be returning again.
By: Nikki G.
Famous Dave's
Has always been my favorite BBQ place but the past few times I have gone, the chicken and rib tips have been terrible. Cornbread muffins are always delicious though!
By: elpasorose
Aloha Hawaiian BBQ
We always pick aloha for our "family" outings. The food is outstanding especially katsu sauce! The restaurant itself needs some cleaning but great food non the less

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