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By: Francesca H.
Tier 1 Physical Therapy And Sports Medicine
I had a similar experience with these ladies and gentlemen awhile back in 2015; the receptionist and my PT doctor, Kathy Roth, wasn't too accommodating with me either, and kept re-doing my schedule, let alone that I came all the way from New Mexico, in hopes just to be treated with a little more dignity. However, I also have special needs as well as had to be persistent about those additional needs being met. But so far I haven't been able to find an awesome PT office anywhere in the Borderland, for they do things pretty old school here as opposed to Southern California. Ms. Erica could have been nicer to the patients up front, let alone myself, though she had to multi-task quite a bit with the entire staff as well as the patients. However, us patients should always come first in ANY doctorial practice, and should attempt to do all they can for us and with a great attitude. Ms. Roth's brother that owns Hagan Imaging down town is also a snob, and didn't want to accommodate me either, nor his ditzy female staff. And his wife kept cutting me off, and almost never let me finish a sentence, though at times tried being helpful to my needs. What is it with female workers in a provider's office making things more complicated in the Southwest anyway? Please ladies, get it together; not one of us were made the same but then they weren't afraid to treat me like a little kid as opposed to a full grown adult, despite my differently-abled capabilities. And then they wonder why on a political level, why their home town being in El Paso is considered by many to not be part of Texas, though it's considered to be one of the largest growing cities in the state. However, based on how many of the medical providers treat their patients, not very impressed with the proud state Texas at all. But on the contrary, if you don't mind being dictated by a white lady while her faculty plays "follow the leader" then this practice will be a right fit for you! But if you don't, then this office will be a nightmare. Also, some of the interns and people that work at these Tier 1 facilities are good-looking, but watch out. They're snobby attitudes and passive social avoidance if you dare speak up for yourself can mean trouble for you in the long run. The only thing I give these guys now is the fact that their practice doesn't appear to be prejudice when it comes to skin tone and different nationals, which is a good thing. But hey, I'm a minority on a bunch of different levels, so I'm rather used to being treated like crap pretty much everywhere I seek medical treatment; even at the dentist. (Loose translation) But in all regards, please be careful when you go out to seek a patient-care office, and don't be afraid to ask questions or to speak up for yourself. Justice comes from us....not our current president, government or even Congress. God Bless. ~Francesca H.
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By: Jon m. G.
Reaction Physical Therapy
In 2014, I was hit by a van while cycling. I suffered various broken bones, sprains, and injuries. I spent one week in the hospital, another at a rehabilitation facility, and three weeks at home with a PT. I then had to begin outpatient PT. After visiting multiple PT offices, I decided to give Reaction a call. From the moment I rolled my wheelchair in, there was a significant difference between Reaction and the other facilities. The environment was warm, friendly, and positive. The physical therapist, Henry, had assessed me and was eager to begin my therapy. I spent the next four months at Reaction. I developed a bond with Henry and his staff. I will forever be thankful for the help they provided. It was the most difficult period of my life, but with the support of my wife, family, friends, and Reaction, I was able to get back to work and resume my normal physical activities. My body will never be 100%, but Reaction got me as close to that goal as possible.
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By: Raul O.
McDonald, Duncan
I had therapy here a couple years excellent treatment would recommend this house to anyone Duncan one on one treatment...My wife also had to have therapy...needs therapy now but can't go cuz of OBAMACARE..SAD TO SAY I would have love for her to go there....best of luck DUNCAN
By: Matt A.
Manual Physical Therapy Specialists
All of the staff at Manual Physical Therapy are wonderful. My treatments are great and I really like the ladies who work the front desk. They are very knowledgeable and have always handled all of my insurance paperwork with ease.
By: Sarah H.
Manual Physical Therapy Specialists
I love going to Manual Physical Therapy. The staff is great, they are always very friendly. I always feel like I am the only person in the building since I get such personal attention from the staff and during my appointments.
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By: Matthew M.
Reaction Physical Therapy
This company gives quality care to all of their patients. My experience with 4 other clinics in the surrounding area does not compare to the Physical Therapy experience I went through here.
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By: Mary K.
Texas Orthopedic Therapy Specialist
This is by far the best physical therapy place in the entire city! They have the most modern equipment, best staff and an exceptional facility. Top notch all the way around!
By: Beth C.
Manual Physical Therapy Specialists
Its a great place to get physical therapy done. I went to a different place before and I wasn't a huge fan. I can't put my finger on it, but I like MPTS a lot better.
By: Lance C.
Manual Physical Therapy Specialists
Dr. Parga was excellent and was able to find my exact origin of pain. He worked me hard during therapy and helped me get back to where I needed to be.
By: Julie R.
Manual Physical Therapy Specialists
MPTS is the best place for care. I went to a different office that wasn't getting me where I needed to be. Dr. Parga made things much better for me.
Tips & Advices
At the first appointment with a physical therapist, Expect an overall assessment of your condition, which may include exercises to understand your range of motion, balance, and strength. Based on that information, the therapist can then design a regimen.
Physical therapists can work in a variety of environments. While many choose to work in a physical therapy clinic, others will operate out of hospitals and are also able to make house calls to help patients who need in-home assistance and rehabilitation.
Physical therapists can specialize in sports medicine, women's health, geriatric, neurologic, orthopedic​, pediatric, and cardiovascular and pulmonary conditions, among others.
See a physical therapist following a serious muscle or bone injury, especially if pain doesn't go away within a few days, is recurring and dull, or is frequent and sharp. Book an appointment if medication is not helping or if your doctor recommends it.
The majority of health insurance plans do include physical therapy treatment, but the amount covered and the co-pay for patients varies person-to-person. Medicare and workers’ compensation both cover physical therapy.

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