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By: Billy D.
Angry Owl
We decided to try them on their second day open, expecting a disappointing result, but far too impatient to let everyone else try them before we did. Boy, were we wrong…We were seated as we entered about 11:35 for lunch, surprising since the parking lot was already beginning to fill, and they’d been on the news that same morning. Cameron took our order, and brought our drinks out promptly. We asked the same thing we usually ask when we try any new burger, “What size are the patties on the burgers?” to which he promptly replied, “two 4 ounce patties.” Most new staff members are unaware when asked such a specific question… Kudos to you Cameron.We ordered the Bacon Cheese Burger and the Carnita Fajitas, but were disappointed that they could not ½ the burger for us before bringing it out. In trying a new restaurant, we like to share two items to get a better feel for the place. When the food arrived, we realized why they would hesitate to cut the burger. It was beautiful, a work of art in a true bacon-lover’s eyes (my license plates are “BACON1” by the way). We cut it ourselves, and were instantly impressed with how perfectly cooked the patties were, and the aroma of real smoke coming off of the bacon (at least 4 pieces of heavenly bliss, folded over and stacked above and between the patties. The taste was sublime and I instantly forgot that I was in a new restaurant, but the real surprise was the French Fries. They were light and crispy, with a subtle seasoning, and inside, the potato was fluffy and hot. They remained crisp, even as they cooled. I think they are the best fries I’ve had in El Paso.We then portioned out the carnita fajitas, where the shredded meat sat atop grilled onions and peppers. It was served on an iron skillet, not unlike the local expectation for fajitas, but I was pleased to get the taste of ample black pepper in the meat, which set it apart from the traditional Mexican fare to which I’m accustomed. It came with a side plate of guacamole, sour cream, lettuce and shredded cheese, and three flour tortillas. At first, I disliked the thick tortillas, but the taste was good and they held up well to being filled with a huge helping of meat and toppings. After we used the first three, Cameron brought us another three to finish off the carnitas we had remaining. We easily made five ample tacos from our plate, and we used the final tortilla to clean the skillet. While it was somewhat different, it was a welcome change and we both really enjoyed the dish.Our total bill (pre well deserved tip) was $24.35, $9.50 for the Bacon Cheese Burger and fries, $11 for the fajitas, and $2 for tea. We both had enough and rolled out to go back to work and sleep it off. I’ll be there again, and often.
By: Edgar R.
Delicias Del Mar
My family and I had seen a commercial not to long ago about this place. Well let me start by saying what you see on the commercial is what you get. I had the Pulpo a Las brazas it was delicious it comes with what they call "black sauce", which seems to be a citrus Worcestershire sauce. My wife had the Filete Ajillo which was amazing it came with a side of mashed potatoes and rice. They only downside that I saw was when we ordered the Camarones al mojo de ajo. This plate is shrimp sautéed with garlic mashed potatoes and rice but it only included 6 large shrimp. For those with a sweet tooth the chocoflan hits the spot, you are in for a treat I dont like sweets but this was perfect. The service was stupendous but what was just over the top I saw what I can only assume might be the owner offering complementary beer to the parties waiting for a table while he apologized for the wait. I haven't seen this type of service since the last time I visited a high end restaurant in Cd. Juarez, MX.
By: Sofia H.
Riviera Restaurant
I stopped into Riviera for lunch and really enjoyed it. The restaurant is nothing special to look at - the sign said it's been there since 1948 - but it was clean and has a homey feel. The meal started with tortillla chips and semi-spicy fresh red salsa. I didn't see anything but soft drinks on the menu, but I saw someone else having a can of beer so that's what I ordered. Not sure if they have margaritas.I ordered the "old green" chile enchiladas, which were full of, and covered by, melted cheese. I wanted more of the tangy sauce, but overall the dish was very good. The rice and refried beans were a nice complement. The portion size was good for the price.The service was a little on the pokey side, but very pleasant. Overall, a good stop for a relaxed Mexican lunch.
By: Peter G.
La Choza
Last night me, and my friend decided to go eat at la choza, and as soon as we got there i got a bad vibe from the place. First we were standing there for a while waiting to be seated, and nobody would come up to us to tell us anything. So we decided to just sit. Then they took long to take us our menus. The food was actually not bad, but the service was terrible. The ladies there had a look on there face like they didn't want to be there. I also saw a white couple behind us, and NOBODY even went up to them to take their order, so i saw them getting up, and leave. That's just wrong.
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By: buryavon
Avila's Mexican Food
For over 10 years, I have visited Avila's once or twice a week! I have had parties in their back room. I've met the family over the years. When I feel like an easy, quick meal, Avila's is my first choice. The servers have all been there for years and over time, they have learned all of my family's favorite foods. The helpers that get chips and drinks aren't talkative, but mainly because I don't speak spanish and their english is limited. However, they always get me what I need. I have never walked out of Avila's frustrated or disappointed.
By: Elizabeth N.
Chico's Tacos
This is one of the better locations, i would recommend going between 2-4 because it's basically dead at that time during the week, i do enjoy eating the food but honestly the actual interior of the restaurant is kinda unhealthy, the tables and chairs are from the 70's or maybe even older than that, i mean all that business and it still looks like someone through up in that place, when will they renovate the older locations!?. I think it's just better to get it to go and eat it at home, at least you'll be in a cleaner environment that way...
By: Ruben C.
Oaxaca Cocina Mexicana
Food is excellent too bad the service isn't. Waiter totally ignored us after he brought out our food. Didn't even get a tea refill. Couldn't even get their attention, seemed like they were intentionally ignoring you. Watched as the ladies next to us sat at their table looking around for about fifteen minutes before a waiter finally cleaned and removed the plates from previous customers then had to sit their for another ten minutes before they finally put their order in. When I left they still hadn't been served. Horrible!!
By: Renee D.
Riviera Restaurant
Excellent lunch plates and a great deal too! I was in town for business so my El P coworkers took me here and it was delish! I ordered one of the lunch specials and I received a huge plate with a tamale, enchilada, beans, rice and a taco! The taco and enchilada were superb! The enchilada wasn't greasy at all and the beef taco was very flavorful and had nice crunch (the shell - not the beef). My coworkers' meals looked great too. If I return to El P, I will definitely go back!
By: Venus P.
Casita Linda Mexican Restaurant
THis is my new favorite and go-to restaurant for north east El Paso. i looove everything I get there. This is genuine Authentic Mexican food. This place always has people in it but we are always served right away and the food comes out fast. The service is friendly and they give you free sopapillas at the end. They claim to have the best tortilla soup but it wasn't my favorite, but everything else is. The prices are very low as well.
By: Carol R.
El Taquito
Food is EXCELLENT and served by friendly staff and smiles. Authentic Mexican Food!!! YUM! Atmosphere is really nice. Plenty of parking, kid friendly and family orientated. I would recommend any dish on the menu. The food is above and beyond most Mexican food restaurants. No reservations required, just walk in and enjoy! Everything on the menu is delicious. I have eaten here many times and always return!

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