By: Ebko E.
Cattle Baron
Went there for Mother's Day and was not impressed at all. Many of us ordered the "Mother's Day Special" which; upon subsequent re-reading of the menu, was not a "special" at all. This meal consisted of a CB's version of a Steak Oscar, choice of side, and salad bar. CB's version substituted the classic tenderloin with a rib eye. Ordered my steak "medium" and it arrived rare - and it was tough. This was not what I expected of a steak house at the price. The crab was tasteless and minimal. The asparagus was grossly undercooked and appeared to be simply blanched. It crunched like a celery stalk! The "béarnaise" (ahem) had not even the slightest hint of wine nor tarragon. If it were not for the salad bar, which is exceptional and fresh, I would have rated the food 1 star. I give it 2 stars because of the salad bar ONLY. The place was packed. Slow service was expected, but it was not terribly slow considering every table was full and MANY people waited outside for seating. The wait staff was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. I can easily rate the wait staff at 4-5 stars. Should I ever go to this CB location again, I think the soup/salad bar would be my best option. I'd like to rate higher because of the wait staff, but simply can't because of the low quality of the food.
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By: Pollo T.
Los Bandidos De Carlos & Mickey's
First time coming. Everyone telling me how great it was. Unfortunately i was disappointed. Went there with a group for work upon entering hostess was very nice. I informed who i was with and when she began to instruct a waiter to take me another lady came and said "no she can go by herself it's right down the hall to your right and she'll figure it out". Keep in mind I had never been here. Waiter that took our order was not very keen on having to tend to us either. To be honest the busboy helping the waiter was MUCH more polite than the waiter. I had i expectations and thought if I enjoyed myself I would return. That is not my thought any longer. The food unfortunately also was not so great. The plate itself was extremely hot but the food was barely warm. My steak was too chewy and I had a hard time chewing it. I have to return in 2 weeks due to work and I hope it is a much different experience, one that is MUCH more pleasant.
By: Norman L.
Chili's Grill & Bar
You may not want to go here if it's after 9 p.m. and you want to eat. I arrived to an empty hostess station so I decided to seat at the bar. No bartender to be found for 5 minutes. When she appeared, the bartender was nice and prompt, at first. I ordered a 6 oz. Sirloin with mash potatoes and steamed broccoli. I received my food with microwaved and burnt broccoli as well as severely dry mash potatoes... Oh yeah, my steak was over cooked and tasteless. I asked for the broccoli to be replaced by corn on the cob, which was a lot better. When I got the check, the bartender didn't provide me with a pen to sign the tab and again, disappeared for another 5 minutes. I have to say this was the worst service at a restaurant I've gotten in a very long time. Will NOT be back here. Don't come here if you want good gold and good service.
By: namccoy
Cattle Baron
My husband and I passed by here several times and seen they had a full parking lot, we figured it must be good lets try it! Omg we were right on! The atmosphere was nice, the staff friendly and efficient, the food was awesome!! My husband and I had the fillet, they were cooked perfectly!! My daughter (3) had the kids chicken strips.. They were awesome too! No pre frozen chicken, they were hand battered and fried on site! The salad bar is amazing! Soups, puddings, salad fixings, and ever pasta salad ever.. And we had the potato skins for an appetizer they were also fresh! And delicious!! I was very impressed! Then the bill came, all this food (delicious food) for 70 bucks!! 2 8 oz fillets!! You cannot beat this place!!! And of course the hubby had a couple beers :)
By: pamela2011
Graham's Corner
Are you looking for a place to unwind and party after a long day at the office? Well, the locally owned and operated Grahams corner is just the place for you to go to have a great time with friends and even make new friendsoffers a very fun and relaxed atmosphere without the pretentiousness you find at other places nearby. There is a variety of music styles in the jukebox offering something for everyone. The employees are friendly and outgoing. The place doesn't smell like vomit.i have been there for more than 10 years.
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By: Hernandez shoe box F.
Village Inn
They need to improve on the mexican food. Their prices are way too high and service is ok. I would like to suggest that they offer Seniors more of a soft food variety. My mom loves steak, chicken, broccoli, but cant really chew anymore. Couldnt the restaurants offer a grinded food menu or food that is soft but shaped like chicken or steak or meatloaf. Hospitals do it. It would probably bring in more senior patrons. Bring down the Senior prices. After all, many Seniors have few pleasures and few dollars.
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By: dralexjimenez
Little Shack
Amazing little shack of seafood delights. And I've been visiting this little shack often and have waited to see if the service is constant: it is: surprisingly authentic seafood with delicious place: I recommend the surprise me appetizer: great for those on a strict diet as well: as a connoisseur of intermittent fasting I enjoy the clean foods and top quality seafood: highly recommend: I visit the red and Ressler location office: by the way everyone treat you very nice you will feel well taken care of.
By: Chris J.
Tonys The Pit bar b q
I am new to El Paso and 13 Aug 2014, was my 1st time eating at Tony's. I have been looking for some quality Bar-B-Que in town and have found my place. Tony's you did a great Job and impressed me with your quality of Food and Service. My wife and kids showed up right before closing and they still served us just like they had just opened and we had a wonderful time eating and talking to the staff. Tony's I have tried over 9 different Bar-B-Que places in the area, but you area our #1. See you all soon!!
By: Mauricio F.
Corralito Steak House
After several visits to this restaurant, the always present good service, excellent food quality and now the expanded bar with longer hours of service, I'm ready to say that I've never been disappointed there, all employees are very attentive which is an image of the manager who runs the place, prices are fine provided the overall experience has always been great, I'm visiting this restaurant again this weekend, a favorite for me and my wife, highly recommended!!
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By: carmen.l.gonzales.7
Village Inn
The food is good but cooks have trouble cooking over medium eggs either I or my husband get our eggs over cooked and it seems like the waitress had attitude because we sent them back. We went on a slow day on the 4th and they had a few of the servers wrapping silverware but some were wearing gloves and about 3 of them didn't. I feel they should all wreswear gloves when wrapping silverware! The bathroom needed toilet paper and they were dirty

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